Vienna: Eviction Resistance – Urgent Call To Action

Solidarity Call – please spread!

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Pizzeria Anarchia Urgent Call for Support and Solidarity

Pizzeria Anarchia is a squat in Vienna that exists since a bit more than two years. Now, it is in danger of being evicted pretty soon. The date given by the court for us to leave is February 5th 2014. But we will not go out. Instead, we call for a demonstration in Vienna that day and solidarity actions everywhere.

As we will not leave, the owners will apply for the court order to be executed. This will probably take a few weeks. Then, if they stick to the law, they will have to send us a letter with the date for an eviction, though we can’t be sure if they will stick to this date eventually.

We were allowed into the house by the owners in the beginning. They did this because, as they have admitted in court, they expected the older tenants who were living in two of the flats with regular rent contracts since decades to be scared away as a result. This was clear from the beginning, and soon we found out that the two owners specialized in buying houses with just a few people left. These houses are comparably cheap especially if the contracts have no time limit. Under Vienna law it is hard to get these people out, which is necessary for making the maximum profit with the house by renovating and selling each flat indiviudually, or tearing down the house as a whole. In the case of the pizzeria and other houses owned by the same people, sabotage, psycholgical terror and extreme neglect of the house were part of the strategy to get the people out. Even though the two owners of the pizzeria are particularily creative, pushing people out of their homes for maximizing profit is a common practice and a logical consequence of a system based on private property.

For two years many people have participated in a weekly pizza people’s kitchen with discussions, readings, info events, concerts, etc.; a weekly cinema, workshops like book binding and bicycle, language courses, meetings for political activities. We have lived here and found friends, comrades, acomplices.

We will not give up this place, we will resist, and we ask for all kinds of help. Come visit us any time from now to help us prepare for the eviction, organize solidarity actions, inform your friends, bring material, stay up to date, and come to support us on the day of the eviction! We will publish the date on our blog and on other channels. Consider coming before and staying longer!

Check our blog regularily and get in contact with us! Also let us know about your struggles and how we can support you!

Solidarity is our weapon!

Pizzeria Anarchia in danger of eviction! We will stay! Occupy houses, live wild and dangerous! We all are going to stay!

Pizzeria Anarchia Mühlfeldgasse 12 1020 Vienna pizzeria (at) riseup (dot) net +43 681 81 85 72 81