Calais: Report on the illegal expulsion of the squat in rue Saint-Omer, the petty maneouvres of the State


Today February 5, 2014 there was scheduled for trial an injunction against the French State and the OPH due to the illegal eviction of the squat at 221 Rue de Saint-Omer. Originally scheduled on January 22nd, the trial was postponed until February 5th. ‘Coincidentally’, the prefect waited until the day before to instruct the trial lawyers to represent him, these latter requested an adjournment, granted despite the precarious situation of those evicted from Rue de Saint-Omer .

In contrast to the OPH, the representative of the State, the prefect in this case , had not sent any documents to the other party, the evicted, until the date of trial. It is therefore only today that the court of Boulogne-sur-Mer informed the applicants and their lawyer of the conclusions presented by counsel for the State. In two pages and one staple the State rejects the application, stating that the complaints against the State should be directed to the judicial authorities of the state and not directly to the prefect.

The State and its accomplices, unpunished for 10 years, systematically expelling squats illegally, They must feel near the end of arbitrary rule? In this new case, it is no doubt that the state is playing for time, wanting to enjoy the last moments of the area of no-rights that the city is now. The system has only cracked, the impunity of the Calaisienne land speculator clique, the unscrupulous politicians and their guard dogs is coming to an end.

Meet March 12th, 2014 at 9am in Court of Boulogne-sur-Mer for the next episode.

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