Amsterdam: Illegal eviction tomorrow February 4th, Ellermanstraat 31, Duivendrecht


This morning police came by to announce that the recently squatted building at Ellermanstraat 31 in Duivendrecht will be (speed)evicted tomorrow February 4th, 2 o’clock. Since there’s no reason for a speed eviction and eviction for squatting is only allowed after verdict by a judge, this eviction will be illegal. This will be the 2nd illegal eviction in two weeks.
The neighbours at Ellermanstraat 33 can also use help, even though not officially under threat. Both buildings are heavily barricaded and occupied.
So come and join us tomorrow morning at Ellermanstraat 31 from ten on for breakfast, to show we don’t accept this police-state behaviour. AT5 will be there with a camera crew to film everything, bring your own camera too!

Update 04/02/2014 – 14:02

With the help of Seon, the police broke inside the building. They went on the balcony and smashed a window to get in. It took them almost one hour to arrest two persons and take them out of the building. Outside in the street, there was no resistance. In the meantime, the police and Seon are gone, leaving the owners taking care of the building. Ellermanstraat 33 is still squatted.