Barcelona: Barclays to evict amazing Carboneria Squat Centre

The iconic Carbonería (La Carbó) is about to be evicted. The property is now owned by Barclays Bank, well known in Barcelona as Butchers of mortgage defaulters.

The Carboneria is an’Occupied Self Managed Social Center’, working on the Assembly system and deeply immersed in the local community.

The eviction will be resisted, and not just symbolically, and a seperate support group To Barclays with Love (TBWL) has vowed to take on the Barclays Butchers.

In ‘La Carbó’ there are lots of activities, from Paella Competitions, Vegan suppers, Community action, Hacking and Sewing classes, art, theatre etc.. Below is a typical example…
The Food Recycling network

We invite you to participate in the * RECYCLED FOOD NETWORK **** the neighborhood San Antonio – Left Eixample * we meet the CSO Carbon , start making a small meeting to discuss recycling gone as the last and organize the day today . We divided into groups and go out for recycling different routes .

Then back to the local food clean, it is recycled and distributed with
baskets for all households or persons .
In addition to this initiative, we promote the creation of *
* solidarity and organization *
To join is easy ; come any Monday * 2030 , the
CSO Carbonería (Urgell 30) *
– See more at : # sthash.wbAHvQOL.dpuf

TBWL is an information campaign and mobilization initiated by an autonomous group, in solidarity with the CSO the Carbonari , in danger of eviction action after threatening Barclays Bank.

Cupid ‘s arrows have been poisoned by advertising, TV , the press, the next shift of sold out politicians , schooling , family … they’ve make us blindly in love for banking, idiots in love with something unreal. Barclays Bank does not seek reciprocity or understanding or mutual respect. Barclays Bank is lying , abusing its economic power, steals and exploits massively more those who have less.

We defend an adult and responsible love . Our Cupid’s arrows are full of rage at the injustices experienced , so our love is rebellious, disobedient and critical banking and unbridled capitalism does NOT allow us to be decent people . We propose a spit love strengthens the oppressed and spits out the criminals , and we are calling on own initiative and claiming actions aalkready taken because with the solidarity of all the comrades we fight for freedom and autonomy.

Do not be a blind fool… love!
Support TBWL and experience new ways of loving
CorreoE : tobarclayswithlove [at] autistici [dot] org