Amsterdam: Klaprozenweg 48 squatted


Today 02/02/14 migrants and students have begun using the office at Klaprozenweg 48 which was left abandoned due to the speculative housing bubble.
The right to housing falls into the category of fundamental rights of the person, which have been established by the European Court of Human Rights (Cedu). We want to safeguard this right and protect the soil and the environment. For this reason we continue our actions of nonviolent protest until the abuses of corporations is ended.
The failure of the Dutch welfare system and under the eyes of everyone, starting by health insurance, that is a way to extort extra money to the taxpayer and in the same time to make it a slave with a payment rate for the entire life, and devote money to pharmacy multinational that often use this money to generate new diseases which infect the world.
A prime example is provided by MERCK.
The failure of the Dutch social system has another face that pretends to help the needy people, but actually help himself and then the people need it, now if a person has no home and would like to enter the Dutch social system they face a bureaucratic mountain that often is an extra reason of ruin.
Many people are not able to bypass the bureaucratic system and remain in the street, we invite these people to get out of the mentality of just being a number of the social system, become part of the our family, we offer you the opportunity to work for yourself, together with us to contribute to social peace that the social system has not offered you.

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