Vienna: Pizzeria Anarchia in danger of eviction

The following text is about our squat in the 2nd district of Vienna called „Pizzeria Anarchia“ which is now in danger of eviction. The owners of the house are Nery Alaev and Avner Motaev, who are hiding behind their „Castella GmBH“. They offered us to move into the house for six months in November 2011 with the hidden agenda that we will kick out the old tenants. The bottom line is, that we stayed, and are now fighting together with the old tenants (which are now in fact comrades of us) against the landlords.

With this short explanation about the principals of our squat we just want to make it more known and hope you will inform yourself about the upcoming situation.

We are an open collective and as this, we are trying to create a free, social, and cultural space where we can hold different types of open discussions and events.

When we say “free space”, we don’t mean a space with no rules. We mean a self-organized space open for all who agree with our fundamentals. Any person is welcome to come and participate whenever they please. All progressive ideas and suggestions are welcome.

We offer a “Free-Shop” where you can come in and take or leave anything you wish with no costs. We also have an “Infoshop” where you can find various books, zines, and flyers of diverse collectives, activities and social movements that may be of your interest. On Tuesday nights we have the “Movie-Night” where we screen many different types of non-mainstream and difficult-to-find films. We are equipped with a built-in stone oven where anyone can bake delicious pizzas for all on every Sunday. We also have a small collective kitchen for anyone who desires to cook and eat something. Every Friday our info-café takes place. There we try to arrange talks and discussions about anarchist and autonomous topics, or just read and talk about zines and books of our “Infoshop”.

Whatever materials or help you may have is welcome, although the best way to collaborate with our cause is your direct participation. To facilitate the participation for all people we decided to set up some axiomatic public policy: You are very welcome if you show responsible and respectful behaviour! But you are not welcome and will get kicked out,

if you are part of the police or any other reactionary/fascist group!

if you are using drugs in an irresponsible way. No pills, no powders, no dealing!

if you threaten others, act violently ore do not respect other people’s boundaries!

If you act or communicate in a racist, sexist, homophobic or in any other discriminating way. The affected person/s define if something is discriminating or not!

It will be a constant struggle to fulfil this commitment, which will not be successful without your contribution. Try to raise your own and the community’s awareness. Everybody who participates in the Pizzeria Anarchia is responsible.

Other points about our interests and thoughts:

We are searching for new alternative ways of fighting against the actual problem of housing and un-payable high rents and evictions. An society witch is based on the idea of DIY (Do It Yourself) is part of our self-concept in the struggle for an anarchist world which is built on freedom and solidarity. Good relationships with the neighbours, mutual trust, and co-existence are main parts of the line of fighting. Of course, as anarchists, we reject and will fight all forms of discrimination, oppression, violence and every type of hierarchy, which includes a daily fight against goverments and borders. We want to develop stronger values of solidarity, voluntarity, respect and self-responsibility.

Join the social struggle for an anarchist world and free humanity!

Visit us in the Pizzeria Anarchia and let us find common ways to fight for our dreams!

Squat everything – reclaim your life – the houses to those living inside!

In case of eviction: Any solidarity action is welcome!


muehlfeldgasse12 [at] riseup [dot] net

Mühlfeldgasse 12, 1020 Vienna, Austria


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