Amsterdam (The Netherlands): Spuistraat 199 squatted for 30 years, Snake Festival

Wednesday March 6th 2013, at 14:02, the Slangenpand (the “Snake House”) is precisely squatted for 30 years (March 6th 1983). During this time, a group of motivated and involved inhabitants has been building, living, creating, partying, protesting, breeding and much more.

March 6th 2013, it is also exactly one year that we opened the ground floor as “De Slang”. In one year, De Slang hosted (foto) exhibitions, theater, film screenings and concerts. We often hear “Amsterdam needs an open and accessible art space like De Slang”.

2013 is probably the year in which it will be clear whether the house is evicted and turned into free market living space, or if it can continue as a creative incubator. 2013 is the Year of the Snake, is it a good sign? In any case, we’ll make every effort to keep the Slangenpand.

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Enjoy the Snake Festival! Check the program here:

De Slang
Spuistraat 199