Poznań (Poland): Attack on Squot Od:Zysk and anarchist bookshop

Yesterday we were once again witnesses to how being “antisystem” works in the case of the far right. Nationalists, who have been infiltrating community of football fans for years, are trying to use the popularity of football. After yesterday’s match, the “opponents” of power didn’t take the opportunity to attack the building that is represented by Platforma Obywatelska (the ruling party) – the Voivodship Office
Their “antisystem” approach is represented by smashing windows of an anarchist bookshop/cafe “Zemsta”. 40 people broke windows and destroyed the gate of the building. However, banks, including those responsible for harassment of tenants and brutal evictions, remained untouched.
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Poznan: Od:zysk under threat – police prepare for illegal eviction

In the last few days we have seen increased police activity around Od:zysk squat in Poznan, Poland. Plain-clothed officers have been watching the people entering and leaving the building, taking pictures, ID-ing people and harassing our guests and inhabitants of the squat. We have also heard about police preparing to enter the building by force and performing an illegal eviction. What is important to say is that it’s all happening while we’re still negotiating with the owner of the building. Przemyslaw Wozny, the president of Paderewski Ltd. company, who bought the building with its tenants in March 2014, has been talking about a peaceful solution to this conflict, and on the other hand, he’s been preparing to enter the building with the bailiff and the police. Therefore, he breaks off the negotiations and aims at confrontation. We would like to state that if anyone tries to enter the building without our permission, they will not be let in. [Read More]

Poznan (Poland): Odzysk squat, the opening!


On 26-27/04/2013 we opened for public Od:zysk [Re:claim] squatted social house in the strict center of Poznań, western Poland. That’s the second squatted autonomous space in the city, next to Rozbrat squat, in part thought of as the reincarnation of Warsztat [The Workshop] squat, evicted last year.

Our agenda is to inspire social change, tame the gentrification process in the Old Market Square with non-commercial, anticapitalist action, politically oriented art, culture, workshops, supplying a venue for unconstrained political debate and living space for a dozen of people, organized independently and self-sufficiently. [Read More]