Poznań (Poland): Attack on Squot Od:Zysk and anarchist bookshop

Yesterday we were once again witnesses to how being “antisystem” works in the case of the far right. Nationalists, who have been infiltrating community of football fans for years, are trying to use the popularity of football. After yesterday’s match, the “opponents” of power didn’t take the opportunity to attack the building that is represented by Platforma Obywatelska (the ruling party) – the Voivodship Office
Their “antisystem” approach is represented by smashing windows of an anarchist bookshop/cafe “Zemsta”. 40 people broke windows and destroyed the gate of the building. However, banks, including those responsible for harassment of tenants and brutal evictions, remained untouched.

“Antisystem” activists didn’t move towards the courts that treat them unjustly, neither have they attacked the local jail. As the next target they chose Od:zysk squat, social-political centre that serves as home for those that can’t afford horrendous rents and expensive life on “Green Island” as it was once called by one of the prominent politicians. So people attempting to renovate an old, decaying building with their own resources, not taking any grants from the authorities and contesting its politics are the real enemies of the far right. It is towards them that nationalists shouted “We will burn you”. Brave “antisystem” guys once again revealed their true face, aiming at the weak and poor, hiding in the crowd of celebrating fans and trying to attack those that resist them in their brownshirt march.
We will not be intimidated and will keep saying NO to racism, nationalism, homophobia and intolerance, that the far right militants try to impose upon us with the help of rocks, flares and fists. We will not stand and watch idly when places that try to build grassroots anti system social movement are becoming the victims of the politics of fear.
Those attacks are just the beginning. Far right aims at a confrontation. They say that the state isn’t working and that’s why situation is bad in the country. We say it is bad BECAUSE the state IS working. And it is going to be worse if power is in the hands of the right that calls out to deal with the left wing activists, anarchists as well as national, sexual and ethnic minorities etc. – in short anybody that doesn’t fit THEIR standards of being Polish.
Today, once again, anarchist squats were attacked, tomorrow violence will reach universities, schools and the streets. Just in the last two years there have been racist attacks against Roma in Łódź, Zabrze, Andrychów, Wrocław and other cities of Poland. We will not be intimidated by nationalist terror. Organise!

Anarchist Federation/ Poznań