Poznan (Poland): Odzysk squat, the opening!


On 26-27/04/2013 we opened for public Od:zysk [Re:claim] squatted social house in the strict center of Poznań, western Poland. That’s the second squatted autonomous space in the city, next to Rozbrat squat, in part thought of as the reincarnation of Warsztat [The Workshop] squat, evicted last year.

Our agenda is to inspire social change, tame the gentrification process in the Old Market Square with non-commercial, anticapitalist action, politically oriented art, culture, workshops, supplying a venue for unconstrained political debate and living space for a dozen of people, organized independently and self-sufficiently.

ul. Paderewskiego 1
61-770 Poznań, Polska

Source: http://odzysk.org/2013-odzysk-squat-the-opening/