Poznan (Poland): eviction of the Workshop squat

The Workshop” squat-in-making has been forcibly evicted yesterday (8/29/2012) in Poznań, western Poland by the police, followed by property owner. The announced opening party was planned on Friday, 8/31.
There were ridiculously substantial police forces present (heavily armed SWAT-like squad, which is unprecedented in .pl), local police commanders came to the scene, police brutality occurred.
Eviction legality is disputed, based on fact, that no warrants whatsoever were issued to the squatters before bringing in the police, and that the owner, who remained unknown to-date, didn’t warn the squatters beforehand. That said, squatting is illegal in Poland and further legal prosecution is possible.

The squatted building is an old, tall house, located near the city’s old market, but ruined and abandoned for years. It has been occupied by the collective for 4 months, and the restoration works proceeded for that time. The house could have given a safe shelter for a dozen of people.

From yesterday’s noon till late afternoon, few persons were occupying the building, barred from the inside. Eventually they have been surrounded by the police but, warned about upcoming attack, managed to flee.

A spontaneous support (activists+neighbors) demo emerged on the street, but has been violently dispersed by the opposing force. Tear gas has been sprayed onto activists, leading to two in need for medical aid, one of which was additionally later detained and charged of “insulting a police officer” and further beaten at the police station (sic!).

After the eviction, some of their possessions and collective tools weren’t allowed to the squatters.

“The Workshop” has been thought of as a politically-oriented project. Liberatory, prochoice and proequality activities were to be hosted there, including the practicing of ecological, self-capable, and sustainable technologies for the daily living.

Some of the coverage in Polish (incl. photos, videos):


1 eviction = 10 new occupations!