Amstelveen: Halt to housing construction at Krakenburg

News! A line has definitely been drawn through the 4,000 houses that were to be built on the 2.3 hectares of Krakenburg, at Laan van Kronenburg 12 in Amstelveen.
Despite the extreme housing shortage, the Ministry of Infrastructure thinks that these houses “can be built elsewhere”, and Schiphol gets all the space it needs to continue polluting.
People are now sleeping on the streets, and many are struggling to pay sky-high rents, especially in times of increasing gentrification. We refuse to wait for slow bureaucracy and so-called “solutions” from above.
Therefore, 2 months ago we took the law into our own hands, and instead of more years of no housing, the piece of land is now being actively occupied. With this open space, we want to show that things really can be different. We want to be there for the neighborhood, to share and to show that you can create many things with few resources, and we also want to prove that you can live with nature instead of against it. [Read More]

Netherlands: Vogelvrij Newsletter #2

Vogelvrij brings you a bunch of news from squats all around the Netherlands. There is always space for more news in the newsletter, so mail us your updates or publish them on a open publishing platform such as, or send your statements to, and announce your events on [Read More]

Amstelveen: Krakenburg, big squatted terrain next to the Uilenstede campus

Statement by the Krakenburg collective, squatting the terrain at Laan van Kronenburg 12, next to the Uilenstede campus. The action was revealed on 19 May. The terrain is owned by Mytylstichting Amstelrade and not by the municipality as originally stated by the squatters:

The piece of land has been empty for almost 10 year, and belongs to the municipality who hasn’t been able to use it due to the noise from mass polluter Schiphol. This is unacceptable in times of housing crisis and so we are taking matters into our own hands. We want to make a beautiful place with a shared garden, where everyone can get involved to transform it into an anti-capitalist space that everyone can enjoy. [Read More]