Amstelveen: Krakenburg, big squatted terrain next to the Uilenstede campus

Statement by the Krakenburg collective, squatting the terrain at Laan van Kronenburg 12, next to the Uilenstede campus. The action was revealed on 19 May. The terrain is owned by Mytylstichting Amstelrade and not by the municipality as originally stated by the squatters:

The piece of land has been empty for almost 10 year, and belongs to the municipality who hasn’t been able to use it due to the noise from mass polluter Schiphol. This is unacceptable in times of housing crisis and so we are taking matters into our own hands. We want to make a beautiful place with a shared garden, where everyone can get involved to transform it into an anti-capitalist space that everyone can enjoy.

Who are we?
We are a young group of people looking for a place to live, realising we are in a neoliberal country with more empty places than homeless people. We are done with the Dutch policies that put capital above basic human rights. We are antiracist, queerfeminist, antispeciest, anticolonial, antifascist, and firm believers of a better world for all

What do we want?
We are creating a space open to all. We want this field (that was empty for almost 10 years!) to be used in a selforganising way, for people and by people. A place of resistance with a community garden, art, skillsharing and more! We want to defend the nature, and to show that living and green alternative spaces go hand in hand.

Come and support us! There’s houses to build, a garden to be taken care of, delicious food to be cooked, and of course lots of space for new ideas. Especially the weekend of 19-23rd of May we could use some extra hands. There will be an action kitchen and (safer) awareness space available.

Want to live with us or have questions? Mail us.

Laan van Kronenburg 12
1183AS Amstelveen, Netherlands
krakenburg [at] disroot [dot] org

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