Helsinki (Finland): Fire at Makamik

A fire started at [the formerly squatted and since legalized] anarchist and antiauthoritarian social center Makamik around two o’clock Saturday night (February 25th, 2023) due to reasons so far unconfirmed to us. The house suffered widespread damage. We received news on location that the fire department suspects arson. Last year fascists performed several attacks on Makamik, including the burning of a shed last midsummer. On friday, the day before the fire, the group Antifasistinen Helsinki released information about a nazi named Olli Vickström, which raises questions.
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Helsinki: Eviction at squat Kattila!

This morning around 9am police invaded squat Kattila. Many comrades were arrested at the house. Most were already released before noon, but one comrade is still in custody.

This attack against free spaces – committed by the police as soon as they got over their overfilled stomaches from christmas – reveals that the state doesn’t care about “christmas peace” or it’s declarations. We don’t care about christian social peace either, but at least we don’t hypocritically pretend to do so.

All kinds of solidarity are warmly welcome! [Read More]

Finland: New squat Kattila under threat of eviction

A small, cozy wooden house was squatted on 13 December in kivihaka, Helsinki, Finland on the corner of roads Hämeenlinnanväylä (E12) and Hakamäentie.

We all need space to live and be in. Space to sleep, cook, meet each other, perform mutual projects, study and develop ourselves, organize events, create new and to have fun. These kinds of spaces are not distributed fairly in hierarchically organized society. When some let their “owned” buildings sit empty, others are without communal spaces or even homes. Besides this, there are numerous places that are not safe if you’re something else than a white cis-hetero male or even open at all for poor people. This feels unfair and pisses us off. Something must be done! [Read More]

Finland: Kumma, new squat in helsinki

kumma_squat_helsinkiSquat Kumma is a squatted house in Malminkartano, Helsinki.

Week program: Wednesday 7.9: Coffee and hanging out at 17.00 and at 19.00 we are going to watch documentaries, also some squatting documentaries!
Thursday 8.9: House renovating and coffee. You can bring your surplus: furniture, dishes, kettles, chairs, bikes etc!
Contact info: Address: Piianpolku 7, the white house in Piianpuisto.
House phone: 046 954 6154
You can call if you are coming when there’s no scheduled stuff going on, if you want to organize something etc. (Please notice quiet hours 23-09)
There are safer space rules in the house – let’s respect everyone’s private space. Sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia or othe discriminating behavior won’t be accepted. [Read More]

France/Finland: Direct actions from Rennes to Helsinki in solidarity with the ZAD

This Friday, January 22nd, at dawn, people decided to blockade the road passing through the middle of the construction site for the new Eurorennes train station and in front of the women’s prisons’ main entrance.

Bins were overturned, oil spilled and the following text plastered on the jail walls and site fences:

This morning, we’re blocking this road with help from some bins tipped over and spilled oil…

Because “the city of tomorrow”, wedged between the business district’s megalomaniac construction site that is Euro-Rennes, its future LGV high-speed rail and Europe’s largest women’s prison, represents itself exactly as dreamt up in the offices of Rennes Métropole’s project. [Read More]

Finland: Repression & resistance in Hanhikivi Cape, Venetsia squat evicted in Helsinki

On Tuesday September 15 the cops and security guards from local security company Arlia and G4S started to evict the protesters on Fennovoima´s planned nuclear construction site on Hanhikivi Cape in Pyhäjoki. 4 arrests where made but people where released the day after. Updates from a treehouse tell us that by 11 o´clock Wednesday evening the cops have not yet succeeded to empty the area, but the destruction is in progress. [Read More]

Helsinki, Finland: Eviction report of Mummola squat and the solidarity demonstration that followed

Delayed report:

In the beginning of March, the squat Mummola, in the east of Helsinki, was threatened with eviction. In the morning of Tuesday 3rd March, the cops and the Mayor’s lackeys of Helsinki tried to evict the squat, in vain. The support of many people on site prevented the authorities to achieve their aims.

In the morning of Wednesday 4th March, the Major’s lackeys came with a type of crane to cut the electricity to the squat. In the early afternoon, the cops arrived to help the Mayor’s lackeys to do their dirty work. [Read More]

Finland: Mummola evicted

Squat Mummola was evicted a few days ago and there was a demo afterwards.

There doesn’t seem to be any English news about it but there are some fotos (anarchist news in Finnish 3/3/15 and 10/3/15).

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Finland: Töölönkatu 51B evicted

10/06/2003 – Töölönkatu 51B evicted

The latest attempt at a squatted place for young people in Helsinki ended today in the eviction of Töölönkatu 51B.

It had only been squatted since Saturday night and already a sleep-in occupation had been arranged, and local bands and DJs invited to play this week. However, seven police vans arrived around ten o’clock this morning. Without warning, police wearing riot gear smashed through the glass door entrance to the squat. A short statement was made claiming that the occupation was illegal and that the local council had asked the police to remove the occupants. We were asked to leave, and when nobody complied, the 30 or so of us left in the building were systematically frog-marched out one by one. Outside, police checked i.d.’s and took mug-shot photos, and released everyone except three who had chained themselves in the attic. They were removed and arrested.

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