Helsinki, Finland: Eviction report of Mummola squat and the solidarity demonstration that followed

Delayed report:

In the beginning of March, the squat Mummola, in the east of Helsinki, was threatened with eviction. In the morning of Tuesday 3rd March, the cops and the Mayor’s lackeys of Helsinki tried to evict the squat, in vain. The support of many people on site prevented the authorities to achieve their aims.

In the morning of Wednesday 4th March, the Major’s lackeys came with a type of crane to cut the electricity to the squat. In the early afternoon, the cops arrived to help the Mayor’s lackeys to do their dirty work.

On Tuesday 10th March, again in the morning, riot cops attacked the Mummola squat… The eviction was followed by the destruction of the house [see photos].

That same evening in Helsinki, an unauthorised demonstration involving about 150 people was held in solidarity with the evicted squatters. Bulbs of Paint were thrown at police, police cars had their windows smashed.

The squat Mummola existed as an obstacle to capitalist and authoritarian urban space, as part of a global movement of autonomous spaces. There will be more!

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[Translation from, originally difficulty translated/adapted from Finish based on two articles published on the 3rd-4th March and 10th March 2015 on]