Barcelona: Can Piella will neither resign

Can Piella’s project is again threatened with prudential eviction from 15 February on. However, the collective of neighbours that gives life to it for three years and a half are more determined than ever to continue the social use of the house. The Cerdanyola Court has taken up the precautionary evacuation of Can Piella’s farm, which was paralyzed in October after social mobilization in defense of this place. This interim resumes after the Provincial Court rejected the appeal presented by the neighbors. Thus, February 15 has been set up as the date for “leaving voluntarily” the house, and otherwise the use of the force will be used to dislodge it.

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Catalonia: Can Piella threaten, Demonstration October 13th

Can Piella is a rural-urban squat, in Montcada i Reixac, near Barcelona, that laid ignored for ten years or more. The ruinous land and dilapidated farmhouse of Can Piella was replenished and renovated by local people, in solidarity, who grew their own food sustainably and autonomously. Can Piella might be evicted on October 14. I claim, this eviction should stop because people have ‘right to their spaces’, ‘right to grow their own food’ and ‘right to nature’, at the interface of faulty neoliberal knowledge and policies and forced inclusion of capital-intensive farming. [Read More]

Montcada i Reixac (Catalonia): Eviction threat for Can Piella

On Thursday, October 4, Can Piella get a precaution eviction order to be executed in the period of 9 days (Sunday 14th). But Can Piella alive, Can Piella is scheming … For us it’s an opportunity to show that Can Piella is all the people who came, participated, enjoyed, followed, enriched and believes in this project anf his ideas. We are planning of make a open meeting around during 13-15 of October. So if you want to come you will be welcome for sure. In the next days we will concret more.

If you have not the time or don’t want to come we need also a special help of the international people that can be made localy. Unlikely, spanish press looks with very good eyes when local news has an international echo. That’s because we suggest you, as you wish, that the Can Piellas eviction threat exceed the spanish borders. [Read More]