Prague: The Autonomous Social Centre Klinika needs your support!

Call for international solidarity

The Klinika Autonomous Social Centre celebrated its first anniversary,running a space on legal loan in Žižkov, Prague. Activists occupied the house, which laid derelict and full of rubbish for five years, at the end of November 2014, and after police interventions and negotiations on the contract with the Bureau for Representation of the State in Issues of Property, the Centre, called Klinika, began its varied program in March 2015.

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Redcar, nr Middlesborough: Legal fight continues as Husky claims squatters’ rights after eviction

Campaigners who tried to help a pensioner who was dragged out of his property in an early morning eviction have lodged a legal complaint with council bosses.

John Petch – known as Husky – lived in council-owned outbuildings in Dormanstown, Redcar, for 15 years until he was evicted on Tuesday morning.

Now campaigners supporting the pensioner have visited Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council to hand deliver a letter demanding that the 66-year-old is the legal owner as a result of squatters’ rights – after they allowed him to live there rent free throughout the period. [Read More]

Brighton: Section 144 appeal successful! Calling Mike Weatherley MP a coward case continues

We won the appeal!!

A squatter convicted under s144 had the conviction unanimously overturned for lack of ANY evidence. Our barrister was ninja and the judge laid down some stringent guidelines on what the police must do to establish proof that someone lives in a squat. Unfortunately he refused to define what constitutes residential…

A deeper analysis will follow, for now we can only say if you are accused of squatting a residential building, don’t talk to police at all (no comment interview) and plead not guilty. This law is fucked and unenforceable.

Also, the #mikeweatherleyisacoward case continues so our @housingwar twitter will continue with court updates. Continue reading for tweets from court today:

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