Brighton: Section 144 appeal successful! Calling Mike Weatherley MP a coward case continues

We won the appeal!!

A squatter convicted under s144 had the conviction unanimously overturned for lack of ANY evidence. Our barrister was ninja and the judge laid down some stringent guidelines on what the police must do to establish proof that someone lives in a squat. Unfortunately he refused to define what constitutes residential…

A deeper analysis will follow, for now we can only say if you are accused of squatting a residential building, don’t talk to police at all (no comment interview) and plead not guilty. This law is fucked and unenforceable.

Also, the #mikeweatherleyisacoward case continues so our @housingwar twitter will continue with court updates. Continue reading for tweets from court today:

  • All over for today, case continues with more of Weatherley’s lackeys in the witnesses box on 11th November. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward
  • Hmm so why did the intern have a picture of the defendant on her bedside cabinet?

  • Haha. Run for the hills?
  • Damn forgot to check what music weatherley was listening to when terrified and trapped in the room.
  • Intern Witness: there were people chanting “lots of standard tory scum” #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

  • Judge intrigued by phrase ‘standard tory slurs’ – welcome to brighton mate!

  • Its almost as if the defendant is being scapegoated because an MP failed his constituents!

  • Next witness saw exciteable ppl on campus! In groups! Oh the horror.

  • Weatherley slithers off back to his lizard lair.

  • Next witness takes the stand. One of Weatherley’s interns. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

  • Weatherley categorically confirms the tomatoes on his overcoat were not brought to campus by him

  • And we’re on a break again. Barrister needs time to prepare for next witness. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

  • Weatherley is finished. Didn’t go very well for him in cross examination. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

  • Mike’s being evasive in the extreme. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

  • Weatherley seems to have lots of experience of having rocks thrown at him. #UnpopularGuy #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

  • Mike’s been caught out lying about quite a few points #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

  • Weatherley is getting torn to shreds in cross examination! #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

  • Weatherley grilled over his ability to know better than video evidence about stuff happening behind him.

  • Defence- im aware you are a politician but you are not answering my question

  • Oh he is a shifty fucker

  • ah! The tory lip curl of arrogance comes out to play.

  • Weatherley: they were not there to give me a bunch of flowers

  • Weatherley always looks down when talking so when he lies he doesnt have to look at the judge. Clever.

  • Weatherley looks thin but is rocking them shoulerpads

  • Wow they moved every other trial on nov11 and are doimg same for 12th. Our defendant is THAT notorious.

  • Weatherley about to be grilled by defence but 1st more faffing about dates for trial to continue..

  • Or maybe the cops are fanboys here to get the judge’s autograph…

  • Cops here ‘on behalf of the Judge’ to keep an eye on us. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

  • Getting ready to go back in in the ‘Mad Mike and the Nemethsis’ show. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

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