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Trespass Journal

We are pleased to present issue one of Trespass Journal. Trespass is self-managed, open access, and unfunded. It is multidisciplinary and publishes work in different languages. It is an online journal which also publishes selected works in print. About [CA] [EN] [ES] [FR] [NL] Call for Papers [CA] [EN] [ES] [FR] [NL] Submission Guidelines [CA] […]

Den Haag: De Vloek eviction, verdict claiming 30.030,35 euros

On the 21st of December 2016 the court in The Hague sentenced ten people who were arrested during the eviction De Vloek free space to pay 30.030.35 in damages to the city council. De Vloek, after being squatted for 13 years, was evicted on the 9th of September 2015 by an excessive police force, the […]

The Hague: November 19th, Fight Repression! Stop repression against anti-fascists and anarchists!

On Saturday November 19th, there will be a demonstration in The Hague, The Netherlands, against the wave of repression that Hague anti-fascists and anarchists have been facing in the last year. One who attacks one of us, attacks all of us. Solidarity through struggle! Within the last year, repression against anti-fascists and anarchists has greatly […]

The Netherlands: The area ban against anarchists in a broader context of repression in The Hague

On August 3, several anarchists in The Hague, the Netherlands, and one from outside the city received a letter from Mayor Van Aartsen with the intention of imposing a two month area ban for the Schilderswijk, a working class and immigrant neighborhood in the center of the city. The mayor wants to use the so-called […]

The Hague: Eviction of Autonoom Centrum approaching

Eviction of Autonoom Centrum in The Hague is getting closer. The AC lost a long legal procedure in which the judge declared that AC can be evicted beginning January 30th. After the verdict, AC went into discussions with the owner of the building in order to reach an agreement, but the conversation went nowhere. It […]

Den Haag: Vloek 5 court case report

Today was the courtcase against the Vloek 5. The judge ordered the release of all the prisoners, and will read a verdict in two weeks. During his ‘last word’ Kwinted Keesmaat read a great text we’re publishing below. Dear attendants Today we are standing here before the judge because we are being suspected of using […]

Den Haag: De Vloek evicted: Convict the repression! Freedom for the ‘Vloek 5’!

Five of the 10 activist who have been arrested last Wednesday for defending De Vloek against eviction will be held in custody until their court case on the 23th of September. Yesterday they have been spread over five different jails throughout the country. The ‘Vloek 5’ are suspected of violating the anti-squatting law (art. 138a) […]

Den Haag: De Vloek is being evicted. 10 people arrested

De Vloek is being evicted right now, some photos and a timeline here. Watch a live feed here: 06:45 Riotcops drive into the street 07:13 Water canon is throwing water on the roof, and almost hits the people. 07:15 More Riotcops are arriving 07:30 Riotcops are waiting to start the eviction. Riotcops are attacking […]

Den Haag: De Vloek declares independence!

According to the judge’s verdict, social centre De Vloek [previously on S!N] can be evicted as early as this Monday [TODAY]. For this reason, we find it necessary to declare our independence on this day, September 3rd, 2015! An autonomous zone where equality rules, where refugees are welcome and where capitalism is a thing of […]

Den Haag: De Vloek can be evicted says court. De Vloek will keep on fighting

The verdict from the court case between the city of Den Haag and De Vloek came out today July 30th 2015. De Vloek has lost the case and can be evicted within five days. Communique from De Vloek: This morning, the judge gave a verdict in the case that the city of The Hague filed […]

Den Haag: City takes De Vloek to court. The fight goes on!

Last Friday (5-6-2014), the city of The Hague summoned social center De Vloek to court to expedite the eviction of De Vloek. On July 9th, we have to appear in court for summary proceedings. In this way, the city is also blocking its hollow offer for a replacement location. On May 27th, the city of […]

The Hague (NL): Autonoom Centrum Den Haag eviction threat

The Autonomous Center (AC) located at Willem van Outhoornstraat 17 in The Hague is being threatened with eviction. The AC has already been squatted for 5 years and provides space for such activities as a vegan folks-kitchen and the alternative bookstore Opstand. During the past 5 years, nights devoted to information, films, and debate have […]