Maastricht: November 29th, squatters demo, De Vloek stays!

Squatters, alternative people, artists, vegans, students, grown-ups, children, youngsters, employed, unemployed and everything else that lives!

We invite you to join us the 29th of November at 13:00 hs to protest in Maastricht! We are taking our voices to the streets, because we no longer stand it that freezone after freezone is is taken away from us. Hotel de Ossekop and Mandril have been erased from the Boschstraat last year, recently De Valreep in Amsterdam has been evicted and now De Vloek in Scheveningen faces the same threat…

De Vloek has been squatted 12.5 years ago and in this time the building has been developed to an amazing space where everyone can go for cultural, social and political activities or to enjoy some nice food. Now De Vloek has to make space for a top sailing centre, while another new sailing centre in the same street for a big part is empty. Again a bottom-up social initiative has to move for a propaganda image of the elite, so the social, open vibe of the location will disappear. When will we start creating a society in which solidarity and great initiatives from the people come before money, power and elitist behaviour?

With this protest we hope to ask attention for the faith of De Vloek, as well as freezones in general. The squatting movement plays a big role in the preservation of such places where people and initiatives can develop freely. Putting the squatting movement on the map is thus very important. Therefore during the demonstration we would like to make as much sound with as many people as possible! We will walk through Maastricht with music, banners, flags, protest signs and megaphones! Let your sound be heard as well, take your instruments, megaphones, banners and best voice and come the 29th of November to Plein 1992 in Maastricht! We count on you! 🙂

Let a 1000 freezones emerge!
De Vloek stays!
Squatting continues!!