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Dublin: Huge Grangegorman squat complex evicted for second time

The massive complex of squatted buildings at Grangegorman was evicted for a second time in early August, this time its likely to be permanent at the plan is to build a huge number of expensive to rent student apartments on the site. The eviction was anticipated and a lot of material was moved over the […]

Dublin: End of Grangegorman squat

Despite the call for resistance, the Grangegorman squat (AKA SquatCity) has ended in silence. In June 2015, keys were handed to the Gardai, with no fuss.

Dublin: Grangegorman residents key points on the March 2015 attempt to evict

The text that follows was published by the residents of the squatted complex at Grangegorman on 24 March to describe the day long eviction attempt they successfully resisted on the previous day. It was initially published and handed out in leaflet form to people walking by the complex. The words are there own. On Monday […]

Dublin: Update about Grangegorman eviction resistance

Yesterday (Friday 27th of March) we had court again, this time the judge had made a decision. He said the Injunction was successful, but he would delay it until May 4th. This means they will not try to evict us until then, but after that they will try to evict us. We are hoping that […]

Dublin: Grangegorman stays

The Grangegorman squats in Dublin, occupied since 2013, experienced an illegal eviction attack yesterday but managed to repel the thugs (see for updates and fotos). It appears the next attack will be a legal eviction attempt. The squatters released this message today:

Dublin: Interviews and footage from the attempted eviction of Grangegorman occupied complex

“Our photographer was woken this morning by a text message telling him friends were getting evicted. So he grabbed his cameras, got down to the eviction and recorded this shocking footage and interviews that show a complete disregard for the people whose homes were under attack by both the Garda and private security. The people […]

Dublin: Grangegorman’s eviction

A massive eviction is underway in Dublin. It is at the complex of occupied houses and former factory spaces in Grangegorman. Reports indicate that at 7am in the morning a very large number of private security angle grinder their way through one of the metal gates, invaded the area en massed and are erecting barriers […]

Dublin: Eviction attempt defeated in Grangegorman

Wednesday 21st saw another successful defense against an eviction in Dublin. This time in the Stoneybatter area. We put out an alert after we were told that a gang of 3 men with crowbars “came this afternoon and broke in to one of the houses. About 40-50 people showed up outside to show support, then […]

Dublin: An update from one of the squatters in Grangegorman after Day One of Eviction Resistance

Today (Weds) was very quiet; there was no eviction attempt. We were prepared for the worst, but no cops called around, nobody claiming to be the owner, nothing. Just to recap, we are preparing ourselves to resist eviction because previously, on Friday, two people claiming to be agents acting on behalf of a company, which […]

Dublin: Political squat facing eviction in Grangegorman

“300,000 empty houses in Ireland, 5,000 people homeless” A group of political squatters in Dublin are facing eviction from a row of empty, unused, rotting houses in Lower Grangegorman. We got a chance to speak to them and hear their side of the story. They are calling for people to come and help them resist […]

Dublin: New social centre

Ashes to Ashes, Crust to Crust – A revival in the Dublin squatter scene So here we are, in our very own, “Her Lady Margaret Thatcher Memorial Library,” drinking a can and celebrating that the cunt’s still dead. We’re writing this article as we are happy to finally announce ‘Sandwitch Gaff’ to the world! ( […]

Dublin: Lessons from the Barricade Inn squatted social centre

The Barricade Inn was a squatted social centre in the centre of Dublin. During the peak of its activity over the summer of 2015 hundreds of people were involved in putting on events in the space that thousands of people attended. In this audio we talk to three WSM members who were involved in opening […]