Dublin: Interviews and footage from the attempted eviction of Grangegorman occupied complex

“Our photographer was woken this morning by a text message telling him friends were getting evicted. So he grabbed his cameras, got down to the eviction and recorded this shocking footage and interviews that show a complete disregard for the people whose homes were under attack by both the Garda and private security.
The people living here mostly have low paid insecure jobs. They don’t have friends in high places. Contrast what you are about to see and hear with the very different treatment of the ‘bog standard house’ at Gorse Hill. And what you will see was recorded with the Garda and security knowing they were being recorded, imagine their behaviour if the cameras were not there.
The current situation is that the bailiffs have been held to the area they fenced off visible in the video, two people were living in the building in the centre of this, they are now homeless. The electricity has been cut off to the four other buildings that were people’s houses. Welcome to Ireland 2015″