London: Newly squatted community centre open in North Finchley

The bohemian pub on Finchley High road has been squatted and is on its way to becoming a thriving community centre. It was opened by the same crew from that reopened Friern Barnet Library last year library last year.

They want to open it up as a ‘community hub’ and there going to use the space for games nights, cinema nights and other things. I’m really excited to see the space get going. It looks like a fantastic building that they can start hosting events and workshops in straight away.
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Durban (South Africa): Nqobile Nzuza, a 17 Year Old School Girl, Shot Dead

Nqobile Nzuza a 17 year old girl, a grade 9 learner at Bonella High School and an Abahlali baseMjondolo supporter was gunned down at around 5:00 a.m. this morning. Nqobile was shot twice from behind with live ammunition. Luleka Makhwenkwana was also shot in her arm with live ammunition and she in King Edward Hospital. Thulisile Zide fainted and went unconscious, she is also in hospital.

This is shoot to kill policing. This is the crackdown that the police and politicians promised on protests. This is policing that is willing to murder to suppress the struggle for real justice and real freedom. This is policing that is used to oppress the people in the interests of the ruling party and the tenderpreurs and gangsters that have seized control of it in Durban.
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Thessaloniki: Update on the arrestees of Orfanotrofio squat

flier-orfaOn Sunday morning, September 29th there was a solidarity gathering at Thessaloniki courts, where the 30 arrestees from the attempted reoccupation of Orfanotrofio squat were brought before prosecutor. They were charged with disturbing the domestic peace, and illegal occupation of public land (the latter accusation is based on a royal decree).

All comrades have been released. Their trial was scheduled for the 16th of December 2013.

Gathering in solidarity with the prosecuted comrades of Delta squat
Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 9am, Thessaloniki courts

Demonstration in solidarity with squats
Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 12pm, Kamara, Thessaloniki [Read More]

Thessaloniki: The Orfanotrofio was resquatted and reevicted; mass detentions

20130928_Thessaloniki_The_Orfanotrofio_was_resquatted_and_reevictedOn Saturday morning, September 28th, 2013 a group of comrades reoccupied the evicted Orfanotrofio squat in the district of Toumba, Thessaloniki. Shortly afterwards, they released a collective communiqué about their action, and went out on the rooftop of the building unfolding a banner reading “RESQUATTED.” In the meantime, solidarians on the street were kettled by heavy police force. The squat was eventually raided at midday. All squatters were detained chanting “The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons!” [Read More]

Calais: Beer house and other squats evicted this month so far + people needed in solidarity

So far the month of September has seen:

Eviction of the Beer House squat where around one to two-hundreed Africans and Syrians had been living for the last year.

Three immediate evictions of the big squats where those people had been seeking shelter in the nights following the eviction.

Complete destruction of the Sudanese jungle with around twenty arrests.

Police and city workers destroyed all the tents they could find, while taking the blankets and personal things to the to city dump. There they were mixed together with what rotting materials were left inside the Beer House. Everything would have been immediately destroyed if it weren’t for people going to the dump to take them back that day. [Read More]

Hackney, London: 195 Mare Street first open day!

Well yesterday went really well. We finally had the front gate and door open to allow people into 195 Mare Street. Visitors were treated to our free shop (some local fashionistas probably had a bit too much fun), all day long food (salad, veggies, curry, barley…yum yum!), a Chilean film and then later live performances on kazoo and guitar.

Dozens came in – mostly just off of the street – and it was lovely having people stop as walking by, taking a look at our boards by the gate and then coming in for more. Plenty of folks came in with their children and this including a beautiful moment when one of our all-in-one baby outfits from the free shop found a new home. We attracted friends, of course, but also a lot of people we had never met before. People gave us gifts, told us about what they wanted from the social centre, how the could contribute and a good few told us about housing struggles. Others sat in our pretty cafe area, eating and enjoying the surroundings and watching those exploring the free shop or sneaking a quick peak at other parts of the building. [Read More]

UK: Raids on Traveller sites condemned by campaigners

In the last week several Traveller communities as well as Traveller rights campaigners have been subjected to police raids. The police claim the “Operation Elven” series of raids, including one at Smithy Fen Traveller site in Cambridge, supposedly concern thefts of Chinese artefacts and rhinoceros horn from museums and auction houses across England and Ireland. However, police have been accused of serial heavy-handedness and faulty intelligence.
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UK: SQUASH Newsround August – September 2013

The NewsRound is be a monthly post, keeping tabs on articles being posted in MainStream Media (MSM) sources, as well as independent channels (eg IMC, SchNEWS) about squatting, the new law (s.144) and possible new legislation (eg commercial). If you spot any articles of interest, please let us know by emailing: info AT squashcampaign DOT org. Disclaimer: All views expressed in this blog are that of the compiler and not necessarily that of SQUASH.
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Cataluña: PAH-occupied flat block is a foot in the door

For the last five months, sixteen families – from a broad range of backgrounds and nationalities, almost all victims of bank foreclosures – have been living together in an abandoned, brand new flat block in a ghostly quiet suburb of the Catalan town of Salt in Spain.

Organised in the PAH (Plataforma por los Afectados por la Hipoteca –the Victims of Mortgages Coalition), the occupiers of Bloc Salt have held out since 23rd March against repeated attempts by the authorities to cut their water supply and intimidate them into leaving, and instead are concentrating on developing their own community, with a living space that suits their needs and desires, as well as preparing for the court-ordered eviction, mooted for 16th October.
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Duran (South Africa): ANC members are threatening AbM leaders in Cato Crest now

Update: It was impossible to carry out the process as stipulated by the court order due to intimidation and threats from ANC supporters including open and public death threats. The rule of law is being undermined at every turn. Our lawyers and leaders have now left the area.

17 September 2013 – 9:11 a.m.
Abahlali baseMjondolo Emergency Press Statement

Abalalhi baseMjondolo (AbM) leaders are at Cato Crest with lawyers from both AbM and the City, as per the last court order, to count and mark the shacks that are protected by the court orders.
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Hungary is about to criminalize homelessness once again

By passing a new law that would criminalize street homelessness, the Hungarian government is once again about to violate the fundamental right to human dignity, defy the country’s international obligations, and go directly in the face of the judgement of Hungarian Constitutional Court.
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London: Made Possible by Squatting foto report

Held in a rather stunning squatted building in East London, the excellent Made Possible by Squatting exhibition sets out to challenge the common media myths and misconceptions of squatters.

Report with fotos