South London: Use your Loaf social centre is facing eviction

Use your Loaf has been squatted for two and a half years. The building, an old bakery at 227 Deptford High Street, was empty for eight years and falling down until we squatted it and lavished it with tender loving care and serious building work. We have a cafe on Friday nights and many other activities such as a local history group and occasional music and film nights. When we showed Farenheit 911 the place was so packed that people were standing on the pavement trying to watch the film through the door!

Use your Loaf is a very friendly little squat and provides cheap food and socialising space for people in a poor area of London. Many people come in off the street to see what we are doing and come back with their friends. The support we have had from locals now they know we are under eviction threat has been great.

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Tufnell Park social centre evicted (London)

26 Aug 2004

Around forty police along with about 30 bailiffs smashed down the front door of the occupied social centre at 5.30am this morning.

The small number of people inside were searched and police intelligence teams filmed and photographed peoples notebooks and much of the other paper based material they could find.

Some people have since been allowed briefly back inside to recover some of their possessions inside.

Last week a police surveillance and intimidation operation was reported outside the social centre against a meeting for autonomous and self organised spaces for the european social forum due to be held in london in october.

The occupied social centre had proven to be one of the most successful squatted community projects for some time, providing a vibrant mix of workshops and skills share from screen printing to radio training. It had played host to some world renowned musicians and singers and provided a valuable meeting place for many campaigns.

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The Poison Club in Dalston lane was evicted at around 3:00pm 30.07.2004

Dalston junction in Hackney, was closed off for some time today as a huge police operation took place to evict the popular and well-known occupied venue and social centre, the Poison club on Dalston Lane. At aproximatly 3:00pm today the police reportedly axed down the door, roughly handling the occupants, immediatly evicting them from the building, whilst filming the operation. The building was effectivly “raided” and evicted on the basis of a drug search, and then the second excuse was that the building was structurally unsound due to a fire at the place next door to the poison club the night before. No drugs were reported to have been found, and of the 5 occupants that were there at the time, no-one was indicated to have, or charged with any drug offence. Under the heavy boots of the police the building did not fall down either – it was still standing as they left, structurally sound, although kicked in! The Poison Club was home to around nine residents and has been in existance for almost 2 years, this september. Described as a non-commercial D.I.Y meeting point for friends of punk rock, hardcore and grindcore, the residents and users of the Poison Club also regularly facilitaed its use as a venue for benefits for causes such as Zapatista solidarity. The Poison Club was also a strong focal point for the queer punk community.

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Squat Klizma at St Petersburg (Russia) in troubles!

The squat Klizma is at the same house, where at Autumn 2003 was located the squat Pekarnia. From December 2003 the squatters has continuously renovated the building and hold there the weekly meetings of Punk Revival. Through the winter almost each Saturday there took place a concert with local and foreign bands. Also sometimes there was organized a little non-profit-bar. Last 3 months there are permanently living about 5 persons and all the time some quests.

The squat Klizma is famous as the place for activities and hanging around for the anarchist antifascist punk movement “Punk Revival”, who have been actively fighting against fascism at St Petersburg the last 1,5 years and made a huge effect to the rise of the anarchist antifascist community (to speak about movement is yet too loud) in St Petersburg.

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Squatting in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Most people in our world community don’t know this, but also in Israel there are squatters and squats. The most active squats are located in Tel – Aviv. There are two of them, and they are anarchist squats.

What we try to do is mostly live in our way without the police and the house Owners will bug as. [Read More]