Squatting in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Most people in our world community don’t know this, but also in Israel there are squatters and squats. The most active squats are located in Tel – Aviv. There are two of them, and they are anarchist squats.

What we try to do is mostly live in our way without the police and the house Owners will bug as. In Israel, not like in Europe, squats are illegal, and the police can arrest you for it. It’s an endless cats and mice game. We try to arouse the public awareness, to do demonstrations, and of course: organize punk and hardcore shows.

Well, that about it. What you have to remember, that Israel doesn’t approve of our life style and politic believe, so it’s really hard actually fighting without no low to hang on to, accept, of course freedom of speak. Maybe someday we will succeed in our fight.

Till then, goodbye, and continue the good work,

From Tel – Aviv, Israel.