Squat Klizma at St Petersburg (Russia) in troubles!

The squat Klizma is at the same house, where at Autumn 2003 was located the squat Pekarnia. From December 2003 the squatters has continuously renovated the building and hold there the weekly meetings of Punk Revival. Through the winter almost each Saturday there took place a concert with local and foreign bands. Also sometimes there was organized a little non-profit-bar. Last 3 months there are permanently living about 5 persons and all the time some quests.

The squat Klizma is famous as the place for activities and hanging around for the anarchist antifascist punk movement “Punk Revival”, who have been actively fighting against fascism at St Petersburg the last 1,5 years and made a huge effect to the rise of the anarchist antifascist community (to speak about movement is yet too loud) in St Petersburg.

At 4th of July at the night the squat Klizma was attacked by an union of cops and gopniks (which means a human with special type of mind; aggressive men, who like to show others who is who. They are very common particularly at Russian country side). After the attackers smashed the last barricades and enter the squat, they started to beat up people, who where defending the squat from inside. Two of the squatters where heavily beaten up with baseball bites and collars. One gopnik was sent to reanimation.

At the same time a few squatters decided to attack the gopniks and cops from outside and got down from the house by rain pipes. After that they faced unequal fight and the yard of the squat. During the next few days about all of the windows of the squat where broke and reserves of Molotov cocktails are exhausted in smaller fights. Two squatters have been forced to go underground after provocation, which actually leaded to this attack.

The squatters used to earn money at one famous street crossing tunnel, but since 3rd of July they face there serious problems with the local police patrols, local bandas, gopniks and nazi. Any kind of material support, like food, medicine, fuel, baseball bites, materials for building is very welcome!