The Poison Club in Dalston lane was evicted at around 3:00pm 30.07.2004

Dalston junction in Hackney, was closed off for some time today as a huge police operation took place to evict the popular and well-known occupied venue and social centre, the Poison club on Dalston Lane. At aproximatly 3:00pm today the police reportedly axed down the door, roughly handling the occupants, immediatly evicting them from the building, whilst filming the operation. The building was effectivly “raided” and evicted on the basis of a drug search, and then the second excuse was that the building was structurally unsound due to a fire at the place next door to the poison club the night before. No drugs were reported to have been found, and of the 5 occupants that were there at the time, no-one was indicated to have, or charged with any drug offence. Under the heavy boots of the police the building did not fall down either – it was still standing as they left, structurally sound, although kicked in! The Poison Club was home to around nine residents and has been in existance for almost 2 years, this september. Described as a non-commercial D.I.Y meeting point for friends of punk rock, hardcore and grindcore, the residents and users of the Poison Club also regularly facilitaed its use as a venue for benefits for causes such as Zapatista solidarity. The Poison Club was also a strong focal point for the queer punk community.

As a thriving punk venue the club supported many new non-commercial bands as well as bands that had a large regular following at the club. Due to the eviction, almost 30 bands from their massivly full calender, have had to be cancelled. The Poison Club is the latest eviction in a continued drive to harass and evict squats in the Hackney area. The eviction is a sad day in the punk community and in the movements that participate in and support occupied social centres for community, entertainment, queer politics, benefits and in breaking the cycle of the gentrification of land and spaces. For more information see the website:

our comment:

Today, 30th of July 2004, alter 3 o’clock we were raided by Hackney police, sent by the mayor of London. They don’t want punks in the Olympic yuppie town. Without evidence they accused us of selling drugs and they didn’t find any. They fucked us completely when they cleared the building for unhealthy living (saying the structure of the building was in danger). Before that there was made a verbal agreement with the owner who brought an architect to probe the structure of the building was healthy and safe. We made lots of compromises to keep the building for a longer time. This is because you need some time to get a place like this running. They are hounding us. The place was run by people from queer punks, street punks, hardcore and crusties. We had lots of meetings and gigs (mostly benefits for people who work against an oppressive system. For this operation they blocked the whole street but we were not strong to resist at that time, be strong, don’t trust the cops, don’t trust the law. IF THEY WANT WAR THEY WILL HAVE IT