South London: Use your Loaf social centre is facing eviction

Use your Loaf has been squatted for two and a half years. The building, an old bakery at 227 Deptford High Street, was empty for eight years and falling down until we squatted it and lavished it with tender loving care and serious building work. We have a cafe on Friday nights and many other activities such as a local history group and occasional music and film nights. When we showed Farenheit 911 the place was so packed that people were standing on the pavement trying to watch the film through the door!

Use your Loaf is a very friendly little squat and provides cheap food and socialising space for people in a poor area of London. Many people come in off the street to see what we are doing and come back with their friends. The support we have had from locals now they know we are under eviction threat has been great.

Come and see us, we promise to make you a cup of tea. We will be open:

All Friday nights- cafe at 8:00pm.

Saturday 21st August- acoustic jam session at 8:00pm, come and join in.

Tuesday 24th August- film night at 7:30pm. The battle of Algiers.

Everyone welcome.

The loaf is rising!

millie kennedy