Thonon, France: The train-train will survive on winter

This morning at 9 o’clock on the 14th of september, the trial against the “train-train” (a squat in Thonon) made by the Sncf (national society of railroad) for illegal occupation of buildings, change its date to the 28th of september on demand of the sncf’s lawyer in order to give our lawyer’s conclusion and to prepare his argumentation against it…

Moreover, the delay that we can legally get before the real trial is 2 months, and if we manage to have it, these 2 months will get us until the 28th of november… one month before the begining of the winter.

For people who don’t know the train-train, it’s a squat that began last winter, where some concerts took place, projections, discussions, etc. In a Beautiful town of Haute-Savoie with mountains, a lake, a conservative mayor…

It is since mid-july worried by justice… But we don’t lose the moral and we still believe in the hacklab and other stuff. If you want to go to Thonon in order to help us to continue it, you’ll bee our guest…

Thanks for attention

Train-train is good, eat some.




Le train-train

13,rue jean Blanchard

74200 Thonon les Bains


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