New York City: Interview with Steven from the ABC No Rio

The ABC NO RIO has been one of the most famous squats in New York City, located in the lower east side.
For further informations about the ABC and about New York please visit their homepage at!

Can you give me a general overview of the squatting situation in New York in the past thirty years? Squattting, rent-strikes, communtiy gardens …

I only have knowledge of the NYC scene for the past 15 years, predominately of the Lower East Side. Although I’m sure there were squats in the sixties and seventies I’ve never met any person who participated. Rent was cheap (relatively) back then, and the dereliction and abandonment that characterized many urban areas in America was just beginning.
(For further info on this process, which we call “Spatial Deconcentration” I refer you to article of same name by Yolanda Ward; if you do internet search on Yolanda Ward you’ll find it.) [Read More]

Some informations from Greece

Villa Varvara was closed some time ago. But there are now two squats in Athens

  • Villa Amalia is squatted since 1993
  • Lelas-Karagianni since 1988.

The squats have a different character – the first is a punk squat (with main focus on organizing partys and concerts – non commercial always) – the second is a squat from anarchists and has a more political character, what means that they are active – on demonstrations – posters (political) – and on other things.

In Thessaloniki there are two new squats

  • Black cat and
  • Punks attack.

They exist since 1999. At time there are no “BIG” problems in the present with the police but this can change every day.

New squatted center in Cologne

Today on Friday, the 25th February at 3 pm. about 50 people squatted an empty building in Cologne. The House, located in the “Venloer Strasse” is about 3 years empty and is on the other side of the city garden. The squatters are supporters of a group for a autonomous centre in Cologne. [Read More]

SOS ITOIZ European Tour


Greetings to The whole of Italy and all the people from different countries from all over the world that are here today.

We are Solidari@s con Itoiz a group campaigning and working to defend the earth and more specifically against an irrational and devastating dam which they want to build in the Basque country in the name of “progress”. [Read More]

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Uppenbergschool in Münster (Germany) evicted

“Squatted for the next 1000 years” was one of the important slogans of the squatted “Uppenbergschule” – But there was obviously no way to realize this. On thursday, the 10. February 200 policemen woke up the inhabitants of the squatted house.

After a few discussions the squatters and the police decided to end the squatting action peacefully – the squatters went out of the house and the police didn’t get their identity. [Read More]


Fresh news from Austria


Photos HERE

Sat. Feb. 5

After the escalation of the protests into violence of the previous night, the President and other politicians (SPO Gruene) the quality of the protests changed last night. Highly organized by SMS and cellphonemessage chains, all kinds of groups and sympathizers found their way to last night’s rally. All in all an estimated number of 2000-5000 (always depending who you ask 😉 people were present at the protest rally winding it’s way through the inner districts of Vienna. Absolutelynothing happened that was openly violent. The government and conservative and/or right wing media as well as the FPO politicians were hard pressed tofind reasons to discredit the conduct of the people present. In the end it boiled down to the following. [Read More]

Netherlands: Groenfront-squats will be evicted on tuesday 8.2

Next tuesday we are expecting police to start eviction of the eight squats/camps in the Betuwe area (Netherlands), considering info from several reliable sources. You’ve seen all the info, if not check our site.

Please come and assist. Defense will be very fierce and lengthy but nonviolent. [Read More]

Vienna (Austria): Actions against the new government

Since the decision of the Austrian president to swear in the new governement, containing 6 ministers of the neo fascist “freedom”party protests in the streets of vienna and the other big cities of the country do not stop. In the nights from friday to saturday and saturday to sunday the capital has seen the most violent clashes between demonstrators and the police in austria since the 30s.

A little chronic

1.2.2000 from 10 00 am on 40 to 60 protesters occupy the offices of the OEVP (conservatives in coalition with the Fascist party) in the evening:Demontrations in front of the austrian parliament> >

2.2.2000 from 17 00 pm on Demo with 20000! participants in front of OEVP central marching towards the chancellors office. [Read More]

Geneva (Switzerland): Eviction of Alesia squat

In the night of Feb.04.00, 1 year after the evacuation of Guillame-Tell after two month occupation (Commercial Building belonging to Credit Suisse), a gathering took place.

The Purpose, condem the 300 000 m2 of Commercial Space left empty in Geneva, Guillame-Tell is still unused…At the same time Alesia (Squat 300m from U.N.) was about to be evicted to make Space for the Multinational ABB (income 2,66 Billion Sfr. for 1999) new Administrative Building.

The Gathering mobelized to Alesia for the last Dinner, once the Food was finished the Games started…Streetpaintings and destruction of Garden-Wall, making our territory much bigger…the neighbouring Haus had been occupied by private Security forces since a couple of weeks (to prevent further Squatting-Resistance), they were forced to leave due to our bottle-throuwing Contest and guerilla-tactical Assaults…No Riot Cops came…

Finally we said goodbye to Alesia, leaving the Street on Flames…the BlackBlock continued walking!!! and making traffic jams…till Ford Barreau (Commercial Squatted Building evicted 4 Years ago)…still no Riot-Pigs…all windows were smashed for the second time this Year… enough for the night…


Sydney: The Biscuit has been evicted

On monday morning around 10:30 AM a longstanding Sydney squat was raided and the squatters were forced to leave. The building – a huge heritage-listed old factory warehouse – was owned by the Shell corporation and been empty for nearly four years before the squatters moved in last February.

Shell had workers force their way in through the back of the building, opening the Biscuit up for shell representatives, solicitors, private security guards and state police to seize control. Only a handful of squatters were present at the time and those who were there agreed to leave by 3pm the following afternoon rather than face criminal tresspass charges. [Read More]