Vienna (Austria): Actions against the new government

Since the decision of the Austrian president to swear in the new governement, containing 6 ministers of the neo fascist “freedom”party protests in the streets of vienna and the other big cities of the country do not stop. In the nights from friday to saturday and saturday to sunday the capital has seen the most violent clashes between demonstrators and the police in austria since the 30s.

A little chronic

1.2.2000 from 10 00 am on 40 to 60 protesters occupy the offices of the OEVP (conservatives in coalition with the Fascist party) in the evening:Demontrations in front of the austrian parliament> >

2.2.2000 from 17 00 pm on Demo with 20000! participants in front of OEVP central marching towards the chancellors office. The official demo end around 20h00 but 1000s stay on the street till about 1h00 in the morning. Traffic is blocked, cardrivers show their solidarity> >

3.2.2000 from 17h00 Demos start at OEVP central, lots of noise instruments to protest the decision to form a conservative/fascist coalition being made around this time around 21h00: Protesters take the stage of “burgtheater” (biggest theater in town) during the play and call the audience to resistance. Standing ovations! demo continues till around midnight

4.2.2000 10h30 As it is planned to officially inaugurate the new governement at noon around 5000 protester gather in front of the chancellors office, as the crowd is rapidly growing, the new designated governement members have to sneek to an underground tunnel to the presidents office to avoid a confrontation. The demo then moves to the ministery of social affairs, occupies the building and renames it to ministery of resistance. First clashes with the police as protesters are stopped and beaten as they leave the occupied building demonstrations go on during the rest of the day all over the city. They mass of protesters split up and groups gather again and again in front of the party headquarters of OeVP and FPOe. Around 22h30 hundreds clash with the police in Kaerntnerstrasse ,not far from FPOe headquaters. Police uses watercanons and teargas but the protesters stay in control of the streets. The demos end around 1h00 in the morning.

5.2.2000 Demonstrations in vienna and other austrian cities start in the early afternoon. different groups of several thousands roam the innner city and other closeby neighbourhoods.none of the demos are officially permitted. Except small incidents the protest stays peacefull and goes on till 2h00 in the morning.

6.2.2000 demonstrations continue. From about 20h00 thousands march from the center to the Austrian television station on the outskirts of the city where a live TV talshow is supposed to take place. Apart from the protest: The new government might have a majority in the parliament but is far from having a majority in the population. Union officials are talking about a general strike

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