Münster (Germany): Social centre opens its doors

We have squatted a house! What happened?

We have opened the doors to the old Hauptzollamt in the Sonnenstraße 85 in Münster, Germany on the second weekend of October [Oct 9] for us and everybody! The building has been empty for several years. It costs, according to Westfälische Nachrichten (local newspaper), „several million.“ This is too expensive for us. But we would not give a single Euro for it either. We want the Zollamt to be a non-commercial space, for meetings, discussions and workshops, for art and music, a place for neighbourhood community and joint organisation. In short, this space is going to be transformed into a social centre – a space where everyone feels welcome.
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Uppenbergschool in Münster (Germany) evicted

“Squatted for the next 1000 years” was one of the important slogans of the squatted “Uppenbergschule” – But there was obviously no way to realize this. On thursday, the 10. February 200 policemen woke up the inhabitants of the squatted house.

After a few discussions the squatters and the police decided to end the squatting action peacefully – the squatters went out of the house and the police didn’t get their identity. [Read More]


Milleniums-Squat in Muenster (Germany)

About 50 left radicals, anarchists and alternative people made a Millenium squat in Muenster. They occupied in the night of 31.12.99/1.1.2000 an old school building to protest the destroying of old houses and to make the building a left selforganized social center for cultural and alternative activities. Until now the police keeps quiet and the squat could become a success.