Forest of Dean: Callout for support at Yorkley Court Community Farm

This morning (Sept29) two council officials entered the farm (previously on S!N) asking questions about the number of pregnant women and children on-site. We recognise this as a sign that an eviction attempt is likely to happen in the near future.

We are strengthening our defences and preparing ourselves for what may come.

We need support.
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Forest of Dean (UK): Yorkley Fort Action Camp 1st – 10th May

The Land Is Yours.. What’s it worth to you?

For those currently occupying Yorkley Court Community Farm in the Forest of Dean, it is their life blood, it is their home, it is where they get their water, where they get their fuel for cooking and warmth, it’s where they grow food and forage from natures bounty, it is where they meet each other and do tasks together, it’s where they learn from one another and it’s where they celebrate and laugh together.
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Yorkley Court (UK): Update

Some bailiffs arrived this morning [March 26] as promised.. they hung around a bit and then trundled around the edge of the part of the farm we are occupying, accompanied by police and trailed by some of our fantastic team of legal observers. They were unable to gain access anywhere, presumably got a bit bored and eventually left.
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Forest of Dean (UK): Solidarity still needed at Yorkley Court Community Farm

Residents of Yorkley Court Community Farm would like to say a huge THANK YOU for the support & solidarity received so far…
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Forest of Dean (UK): Eviction Attempt – Our side of the story

We are a group of ecological farmers who have spent the last two years creating a community farm for the benefit of local people. We live peacefully in Yorkley where we have contributed positively to the Forest of Dean in many different ways.
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