Forest of Dean: Callout for support at Yorkley Court Community Farm

This morning (Sept29) two council officials entered the farm (previously on S!N) asking questions about the number of pregnant women and children on-site. We recognise this as a sign that an eviction attempt is likely to happen in the near future.

We are strengthening our defences and preparing ourselves for what may come.

We need support.

It would be great to have even more people on site in the coming days .. there are lots of practical and other jobs to help with, including building, cooking, climbing, first aid, legal observation and moral support. Come and learn and share skills and get stuck in!

We also need support with getting materials onto site, including:

-building materials
-climbing materials and polyprop rope
-spare bedding, tents and tarpaulins
-tinned food
-any other useful materials/tools (list will be updated/added to)

This piece of land means everything to us. It is our home, it is the source of our water, food, fuel and shelter. It is an open space where people from the wider local community of the Forest of Dean meet, make friends and share skills. It also provides habitat for a rare diversity of plant and animal life, which if destroyed would be irreplaceable.

We will not allow this land to be taken by someone to whom it means nothing but extra millions in their pocket. Someone who plans to build multiple housing developments that will urbanise this quiet rural area.

If you feel as we do then we urge you to get in touch or just come down. Visitors, as ever, are always welcome.

We will keep you posted on any news.

If you wish to join our emergency contact list, please send a text to: 07522 025 889

To contact us,

Email: yorkleycourt [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone: 07522025889
Facebook: YorkleyCourtCF

Yorkley Court Community Farm
GL15 4TZ

Respect existence or expect resistance!