“London 2016: the terrain of struggle in our city” – Aylesbury Estate and some seeds of resistance

By Some London Foxes.

This is a small contribution towards mapping the terrain of social conflict in London today.

First, it identifies some big themes in how London is being reshaped, looking at: London’s key role as a “global hub” for international finance capital; how this feeds into patterns of power and development in the city; and the effect on the ground in terms of two kinds of “social cleansing” – cleaning out undesirable people, and sanitising the social environment that remains.

Second, it surveys recent resistance and rebellion to this pattern of control including the short-lived “grassroots housing movement” of last winter, the confrontational Aylesbury Estate occupation, anti-raids mini-riots, and some riotous street parties. [Read More]

Peterborough: Police say squatters of residential will not be charged as thought they were tenants…

Intruders smashed their way into the home of 101-year-old Peterborough woman – just hours after police had evicted a group of migrant squatters. A rear door had been kicked in and the intruders had switched on the heating, food had been cooked and a window opened at the detached house in Granville Street. [Read More]