Peterborough: Police say squatters of residential will not be charged as thought they were tenants…

Intruders smashed their way into the home of 101-year-old Peterborough woman – just hours after police had evicted a group of migrant squatters. A rear door had been kicked in and the intruders had switched on the heating, food had been cooked and a window opened at the detached house in Granville Street.

It occurred just hours after police had finally evicted a group of squatters on 23 October who had squatted the house three weeks earlier. It is not clear if the break-in was carried out by the original squatters.

A police spokeswoman said: We are no longer investigating the matter. No one has been charged. No criminal offences have been committed as the occupants believed they were tenants.”

Snippets from Corporate Press.