Charing Cross, London: Police and council officials evict Love HQ street kitchen for New Years Eve

[Videos: eviction, as well as attempted eviction]

Following the Christmas Day eviction from the central London Royal Bank of Scotland premises the Love Activists set up a soup kitchen outside, giving out food, tea and coffee to the homeless. On the night before New Years Eve police and council officials forcibly evicted the soup kitchen in order to clear the streets for the end of year party revellers

[Note: It was confirmed yesterday that Love Activists have now squatted a new building] [Read More]

Charing Cross, London: Police retreat after attempted eviction of Love HQ street kitchen

Updates at midnight (see here for videos):

4 hrs ago: Police have retreated for now but our protest will continue. Still need more numbers here in solidarity.

5hrs ago: Police reinforcements have arrived

“If you are free NOW we urge you to get to 2a Charing Cross NOW as Westminster Council are attempting to close down the ongoing 24 hr. Streets Kitchen facilitated by Love Activists, many homeless groups and activists. Hundreds of homeless people have found assistance over the Christmas period there and we will resist any attempts to prevent us undertaking this essential service on the streets of London.”Street Kitchen [Read More]

Charing Cross, London: Food and clothes distribution continues everyday at Love HQ

Update 29/12, 1:20pm: The hearing this morning at the Royal Courts of Justice concerning the Possession Order of 2a Charing Cross Road on behalf of Greencap has been adjourned.

Last several days have been amazing, thanks to everyone who have shown their support in whatever form. Special shoutout to the awesome people who have volunteered to man the stalls day and night. Needless to say many thanks to everyone who have donated to the cause, your help has made this Christmas a great experience for those who otherwise would be swept out of view. [Read More]

Charing Cross, London: Free food and clothes distribution outside evicted Love HQ

Updates from 3:20pm:

1 hr ago: We have now officially set up outside love HQ, 2a charing Cross Road. Everyone please come on down and invite any homeless people you see for free food and clothes

2 hrs ago: Due to a lack of cooking facilities we will be incapable of serving warm food despite having a lot of raw ingredients. [Read More]