Charing Cross, London: Food and clothes distribution continues everyday at Love HQ

Update 29/12, 1:20pm: The hearing this morning at the Royal Courts of Justice concerning the Possession Order of 2a Charing Cross Road on behalf of Greencap has been adjourned.

Last several days have been amazing, thanks to everyone who have shown their support in whatever form. Special shoutout to the awesome people who have volunteered to man the stalls day and night. Needless to say many thanks to everyone who have donated to the cause, your help has made this Christmas a great experience for those who otherwise would be swept out of view.

We hope to stay at our current location until after new years or we find a suitable building from which we can distribute and provide shelter, we plea anyone who has an unwanted property in central London to get in touch urgently.

We won’t stop here until the homeless and squatting population are recognised and supported by the government. We demand fair and equal distribution of property rights, no individual has a claim to empty and unwanted buildings while countless individuals who slipped through the current pitiful support net die, cold and alone, with none to help or care.

Again, thanks to all!
One love, bless up.



Updates from Love Activists facebook page:

25th Dec: We will be outside love HQ at 2a charing Cross Road every day into the new year. Providing food and clothes for the homeless. Thank you for your support!

26th Dec: The bitter cold, winds and rain have arrived. There are still many warriors holding fort despite this. We desperately shout out for waterproof clothing, tarpaulin, and pallets to elevate us off the ground. All necessary ASAP. Thanks.

After spending the day at ‪#‎lovestreet‬, we have the following wishlist for anyone wishing to support the protest.

  •  Sleeping bags
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Hats

Any hot food over the coming days would also be of great value to those on the streets. I would like to personally thank all those who are supporting this event.

27th Dec: Without your generousity our actions would have been greatly hampered due to the illegal eviction that occurred. Those who have received food, clothing and sleeping equipment, have been extremely greatful to the people who have helped.

If you wish to make a donation please follows the following link…

Due to the terrible banking services we are unable to access donations untill monday, please try to donate food to the free shop at 2a charring cross road, london