Hamburg (Germany): Demo on the 21st of December in solidarity with the Rote Flora squat, the Esso houses initiative, and for refugees’ right to stay


This demonstration was called as a sign that the autonomous spectrum will never accept an eviction of the 24-year-long Rote Flora squat. However, the mobilization has had two other main reasons, too.

Gentrification in Hamburg, and other cities, is moving rapidly every day. In Hamburg’s district St. Pauli, the Senate wants to demolish the two Esso houses (named after the gas station on the main floor), home of over 100 people. Resistance within an initiative against the demolition of Esso houses has been diverse and strong.

The refugee struggle in Hamburg has been going on for many weeks (notes on the struggle here). Over 300 self-organized refugees keep fighting against the racial profiling and deportation threat. Numerous solidarity actions and demonstrations with thousands of participants, in solidarity with the Lampedusa refugee group, have taken place in Hamburg and beyond. [Read More]

Hamburg: Open letter to Saskia Sassen

Dear Ms Sassen,

in an interview with the German daily ‘tageszeitung’ published on May, 25th 2013 you answered extensively with regards to your position as curator of this year’s international building exhibition (IBA) currently underway in the Hamburg borough of Wilhelmsburg. Throughout the interview you emphasize that there can be no talk of
‘gentrification’. You virtually refrain from corroborating your statement with hard facts beyond your repeated statement that the managers of the building exhibition show ‘goodwill’ and that it is their ‘declared aim’ to not drive out the ‘local residents’.
We were quite surprised to read this. Judging by a few of your texts which we have studied, it was our understanding that it is your intention to point out a growing polarization as a result of the development of ‘global cities’.
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Hamburg, Germany: Demonstration in solidarity with struggles in Greece and everywhere

Demonstration on 27.4.2013, starting at 15.00 from Achidi-John-Platz, Rote Flora, in Hamburg

For the social uprising! Solidarity with self-organized struggles in Greece and worldwide! For the destruction of Power!

March against the economic crisis of the system, the rise of neo-fascism, the increased state repression, the eviction of squats and the crackdowns on migrants… but also in solidarity with self-organized struggles and attacks against the State, in solidarity with comrades who continue to fight by all means to destroy the civilization of Power.

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Hamburg (Germany): Statement of the squatters of the former ministry of finance in Altona

At the 23rd of april in 2011, 200 people squatted the former ministry of finance in altona, a district in hamburg and declared the Autonomous Center of Altona (AZ Altona). The action was dedicated to the rise of selforganised spaces, against the ongoing housing misery in hamburg and the parallel existance of massive vacancy of office buildings in the city. After seven hours, the police evicted the building and later started penalty against the 40 squatters. Some weeks ago, the first penalty-letters were sent by prosecutors to demand more than 20000 euro in total!

Surprisingly, the building, which was empty for years, was given a few months after the squatting to be used from artist and economic initiatives again. We see this as our sucess that tenants got the building. Eventhough there is no new selforganised, uncommercial center, at least the building is used again at all. But nontheless it is strange and not acceptable that the people who rised the topic of this misery with this vacancy should now be punished by the states repression! [Read More]

Hamburg: 17.12.2011 » access all areas « Day of action against capitalist urban development and gentrification


Cities are the location of economical constraints and repressive policies all over the world. But at the same time they are contested areas characterised by the fight for self-determination and participation. Presently, we are experiencing crises, social protests and new movements. In order to multiply these conflict lines on the city’s terrain, a day of action against capitalist urban development and gentrification is going to take place. The action day is to create an event which has its place wherever you are fighting and living and relating to squatted projects like Rote Flora in solidarity. [Read More]

Hamburg (Germany): Access all areas… Solidarity with Rote Flora !

July 2011

Access all areas
International day of action against capitalist urban development and gentrification

Since the beginning of this year, the Rote Flora in Hamburg is threatened by sale and eviction due to the formal owner’s announcement to sell the property profitably. The project has originated in 1989 from the resistance against the intended musical theatre “Phantom of the Opera” in the Hamburg quarter Schanzenviertel. For more than 20 years, it was able to refuse agreements and political misappropriation and to represent a politically disturbing factor as an autonomous squatted centre. To this day, Flora is both the point of origin of demonstrations and political intervention and a non-commercial location for parties, events, self-help and a meeting place for political groups.

Defend Rote Flora!

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Hamburg (Germany): No Wave Squatter Punk (Anti)Art Ausstellung at the Rote Flora

Rote Flora solidarity show, Hamburg, Germany

“Nicht das Neue, nicht das Alte, sondern das Notwendige”
No Wave Squatter Punk (Anti)Art Ausstellung
March 21-April 3, 2011

This is an exhibition at the Rote Flora (Red Flower), an occupied theater in Hamburg, Germany on the occasion of their negotiation for renewal of permission to use…

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Hamburg: new trailerpark “Zomia” squatted and tollerated

19.12.2010 On 20th november 2010, people squatted a free space in Wilhelmsburg (Hamburg) with six trailers, campers and mobile homes in order to enforce a new trailerpark in Hamburg.

After only a few hours the group had to leave the place to avoid an eviction through the police and moved to a temporary stay at a befriended project in order to start negotiations with the city.

After two involuntary relocations, many fruitless negotiations, several demonstrations, one trailer ralley and city actions, Zomia once more squatted a beautiful piece of land at the Ernst-August-Kanal, where they still are.

Following busy eviction preparations from the citycouncil and a declaration by the group saying they will not leave the place by any means, Zomia now has been told to be tollerated at the premisses till the end of april 2011.

Hamburg has a new trailerpark!

There hasn`t been any trailerpark-squatting in Hamburg since the violent eviction of the Bambule in 2002.
10 of the former 15 trailerparks have been evicted and for several years a new squatting-attempt seemed unwinnable.
Zomia proved the opposite.

For more trailerparks and squats everywhere!

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Hamburg: Pro-squat demonstration, with 6 000 people in the streets !

October 26th, 2010
See the original version.

On saturday 23rd of october, about 6 000 people demonstrated in Hamburg against vacancies and for squatting, this was about double the amount of people that was expected.

A broad alliance of 108 initiatives had called for the demonstration.

In the last years there have repeatedly been squattings, that are mostly evicted by the police within a few hours (the last one on the 16th of october).

One of the topics of the demonstration was that more than 1,2 million squaremeters of office space are vacant within the city, still new office blocks are beeing built and in the same time there is no affordable space for living and rents are increasing. The background of this absurdity of the kapitalist property market is the fact that vacant office space can be set off against tax liability.

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Hamburg: house squatted and evicted


On the 16th oktober a house in Hamburg was squatted just beside the Rote Flora.

Like most squattings in hamburg in the last years it was violently evicted by the police just a few hours later. Seven squatters were taken into custody and released immediately after. The police used watercannons and pepperspray against the supporters on the street.

0ut of the squatting declaration:

“we squatted an empty building in the Schanzenviertel, the house was nearly empty for over 4 years, maybe the owner wants to wait until the Rote Flora is evicted in order to sell the flats for higher prices.
In Hamburg rents are increasing, more and more rental buildings are turned into condominiums and there is more than 1 million squaremeters of vacant office space.
Resistance against this situation is spreading, people who are renting places refuse to pay rent increases, there are repeatedly squattings and on 23 oktober there will be a demonstration against empty houses, empty office buildings and housing shortage.
The demonstration will lead to the “Astra” tower, a huge office building in the middle of town that is 70 % empty.

We’re gonna take the city!
we’re gonna take houses!

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Hamburg: Flora stays Red!

Flora stays Red!
Two steps forward and three backwards – The failure of city privatisation as a model of conflict regulation

June 2nd, 2010 –

As we learnt from the media, the city of Hamburg plans to repurchase the Rote Flora. In our opinion the possible repurchase of the Rote Flora by the city is the political end of an attempt to get rid of the conflict over the project through privatisation.

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Hamburg / St-Pauli: the former erotic art museum has been squatted… and evicted a few hours later

Original info in german:

Take that – this our city, too
29 May 2010

This space is squatted. It is squatted by us, who are excluded from the “growing city” Hamburg (special term for the new oficial development plans of the city of hamburg / BNQ). Squatted by those, who live here and who will not keep quiet.
We are here today, at this place, because the development around the so called “Bernhard-Nocht-Quartier” is an example for a city policy, which furthers the eviction of people who live here.
In this quarter of the city, where affordable housing is scarce, there is a huge area with nearly empty houses. A little bit of social housing will be allowed to remain but the rest will be transformed into over-expensive rental flats and exclusive freehold flats which only an exclusive top-end part of society can afford. We want to stand up against this spiral of exclusion.

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