Hamburg: new trailerpark “Zomia” squatted and tollerated

19.12.2010 On 20th november 2010, people squatted a free space in Wilhelmsburg (Hamburg) with six trailers, campers and mobile homes in order to enforce a new trailerpark in Hamburg.

After only a few hours the group had to leave the place to avoid an eviction through the police and moved to a temporary stay at a befriended project in order to start negotiations with the city.

After two involuntary relocations, many fruitless negotiations, several demonstrations, one trailer ralley and city actions, Zomia once more squatted a beautiful piece of land at the Ernst-August-Kanal, where they still are.

Following busy eviction preparations from the citycouncil and a declaration by the group saying they will not leave the place by any means, Zomia now has been told to be tollerated at the premisses till the end of april 2011.

Hamburg has a new trailerpark!

There hasn`t been any trailerpark-squatting in Hamburg since the violent eviction of the Bambule in 2002.
10 of the former 15 trailerparks have been evicted and for several years a new squatting-attempt seemed unwinnable.
Zomia proved the opposite.

For more trailerparks and squats everywhere!

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