Grenoble (France): The 56’s trial has been put off

Translated from french:

On wednesday december 15th, 2010, the 56’s squat, in Grenoble (56 rue Docteur Hermite), was supposed to go to the tribunal for an eviction trial:

The “socialist” Grenoble’s city-council, owner of the building, doesn’t like the idea of people self-organizing oustide from its control, leaving them doing debates, free shop, free launderette, karate and self-defence lessons, public meetings, infoshop, etc.
The city-council wants the police to evict the squat as soon as possible…

Because of the lawyers strike, all the trials of december 15th were put off to the end of the month or even later.

Le 56’s trial has been put off to next january 19th !

Thanks to everyone who came on last wednesday morning in solidarity with the 56 squat.
Let’s continue to live in this squat, to organize activities in that place, etc.


le56 at riseup dot net