London: Queens in Furs guided tour of Brixton

In the 1970s Britain was saturated in political activity right across the board. Not just in the Labour movement, trade unions and the Left but also the new social movements were particularly active in challenging the oppressive established order especially the black, women’s and gay liberation movements. The environmental, countercultural, squatters’ and claimants’ organisations were also fully engaged in defending people against poverty, homelessness, the destruction of the environment and experimenting with ‘alternative’ lifestyles. Throughout this period the anti-apartheid movement, the Anti-Nazi League and Troops out of Ireland challenged the racist regime in South Africa, the growing menace of racism and fascism and the continuing military occupation of Northern Ireland. In the early 70s there were still lively anti-Vietnam war demonstrations. Much of this ‘crucible’ of radical activity provided the ingredients for how politics were practised locally in Brixton.
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Reclaim Brixton (UK): the mob is rising

Saturday 25th in Brixton was a great day out. Thousands came together, took the streets, attacked a few symbols of state and corporate oppression, and had a full on party in the South London sunshine. It was certainly not a riot or “great insurrekshon” 1980s style, but it was much more than a tame picnic on the lawn.

During the afternoon there were several bursts of activity, as the mob repeatedly surged out from the official “Reclaim Brixton” meeting point at Windrush Square into the A23 main road, blocking the traffic to dance up through town. At various points: [Read More]

London: Guinness Estate Occupation

Yesterday, an empty flat in Elveden House on the Guinness Trust estate in Brixton was occupied by local residents and supporters protesting at the threatened eviction of dozens of Guinness tenants from the estate.

More people have joined the action today and they plan to keep the occupation running until Guinness agree to halt all evictions and rehouse all the tenants in local social housing.
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London: Anti-gentrification movies beamed onto luxury development

Last night, a special Reel News night at the Grosvenor in Stockwell saw a series of anti-gentrification films screened onto the luxury development that is being built directly opposite the pub.

Several videos showing the fight against gentrification from around the world were projected onto the large white sheet currently covering the front of the Redmayne Apartments development in Sidney Road, Stockwell, SW9.
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UK: Brixton squatters fight back against eviction

Yesterday morning, Lambeth Council, the National Eviction Team and dozens of cops evicted 75 people from their homes in Rushcroft Road, Brixton. After 32 years, Lambeth Council has now decided to sell off the properties to estate agent giant and notorious tax dodger Foxtons. Fuelled by anger at the increasing gentrification of Brixton alongside Lambeth councils continuous failure to provide affordable housing, squatters, residents and locals put up a strong fight against the evictions.

A very excellent eyewitness account of yesterdays events can be found here.

And a Vice magazine article with some good pic’s here.

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London: Stop evicting Brixton!

Rushcroft Road Eviction – this Monday 15th July.
Join the people of the Rushcroft Road to stop Lambeth evicting Brixton.

We are 75 people living in 6 blocks of residential flats in central Brixton who are facing eviction from our homes. Most of us have occupied and squatted the building for decades. One person has been here for 32 years. Generations of families have grown up here.

Lambeth council have let these buildings go into a state of disrepair. We have made these buildings into our homes.


Now there are significant profits to be made they will renovate the buildings and sell them off. In doing so they are destroying a community with deep roots in Brixton. This is part of a wider trend in and around London boroughs where councils socially cleanse, motivated solely by money, pushing out those who have been for many years. [Read More]