London: Anti-gentrification movies beamed onto luxury development

Last night, a special Reel News night at the Grosvenor in Stockwell saw a series of anti-gentrification films screened onto the luxury development that is being built directly opposite the pub.

Several videos showing the fight against gentrification from around the world were projected onto the large white sheet currently covering the front of the Redmayne Apartments development in Sidney Road, Stockwell, SW9.

The choice of films was apposite, given that this development of 30 “exclusive apartments” is the very thing that is forcing the Grosvenor out of business.

“Effervescent Brixton offers a thriving social lifestyle,” proclaims the apartment’s website, apparently failing to see the irony that their new residents would be the first to complain about the noise coming from the “effervescent” punk bands that regularly play the venue opposite.

The Grosvenor was bought up by multinational property developers Golfrate last year, and their plans involve converting the first and second floors into private luxury housing.

With luxury flats above and opposite the venue, the long-serving landlord realised that there was no way that the Grosvenor could continue as a live music venue, and so handed in his notice.

Seeing as Golfrate are unlikely to want to keep the pub in its current guise as a lively (and noisy) community pub, it’s almost certain that another important piece of Brixton’s social history will soon be lost for ever, another victim of gentrification.

The Grosvenor is a fine community pub, with a pool table, piano, table football and an excellent venue at the back, run by a landlord who is passionate about his real ales. It will be much missed.

We strongly suggest you go there soon before it’s lost forever (or perhaps turns into some bland, watered down wine bar).

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