Berlin: Rigaer94 raided. Another eviction attempt

Today at 07:00 in the morning, a hundred riot cops walked over the bicycle rack in the yard of Riga 93 to climb over the fence into our yard one by one. At the same time they occupied the roofs of our block. The cops, along with LKA 5 and 6, then gained access to apartments on the 3rd floor of the front building under the pretext of a search for forgery of documents and others. According to the press, they also searched an apartment on Karl-Marx-Allee.

Contrary to their usual procedure, they refrained from using a helicopter and made no attempt to penetrate the rear building so far. In the meantime, they led the worst traffic lawyer in town, Markus Bernau, around the front building, presumably with the intention of supporting him in legal actions against the apartments occupied there. Torsten Luschnat, who thinks he is our new property manager, also gained access to these apartments. The so-called owner company has already proved several times in court that they can’t really prove anything, not even their legality to take legal action against us. The previous court rulings have dismissed all claims.

Meanwhile, private security guards from Smart Guard Protection GmbH as well as construction workers, who later committed the crime of destroying our doors in the hallway and worked their way through the front building with flex and hammers, gathered on Dorfplatz.

A flat on the ground floor, as well as the attic and the cellar of the front building have already been vacated and according to statements made by the cops to lawyers, they have to vacate and occupy every unrented room. At 15:30 o’clock the cops surprisingly left the staircase of the front building (but did not disappear completely), construction workers with demolition rage, private security guards and Torsten Luschnat aka Lusche were left in the corridor.

It is impossible for us to say what will happen next. What is clear, however, is that we will defend our home and take back our rooms.

Today’s operation is an attempt by the government and the cops to regain the discourse over the danger zone Nordkiez. In recent weeks, the agitation of some members of parliament around Tom Schreiber and their henchmen in the media has intensified. The announced eviction of Liebig34 and the expected confrontation are reaching the bourgeois camp who makes it necessary from the point of view of the extremist centre to sharpen its own profile. This is the context in which the media reports about the nice rich people who are not able to realize their dream of luxurious life in the Rigaerstrasse. Or reports about a police force that is not so murderous and fascist as the statistics express, but rather the poor victims of left-wing violence, which is, by the way, identical with right-wing violence.

What is surprising is that the government and the lobby of the investors start the frontal attack on the solidary city from below and the resistance against repression, not with the expected eviction of Syndikat, but with a mistake of Henkel’s logic. We are at the beginning of a phase in which the elimination of any left-wing radical and anarchist visibility that seems meaningful to the ruling class in the context of these Corona times is to be carried out.

What is happening is obvious; we are to lose spaces and projects, but we will defend them, there will be injured and arrested people, part of society will rejoice, others will shake their heads, there will be solidarity actions, the fronts in the social war will become clearer…

You know what to do in this case…

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

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Source: Rigaer 94