Berlin: Rigaer94, they tried to bury us but forgot that we are the seeds

From friday till saturday evening securities were in front of our house, that does not have any of its front doors anymore. Yesterday morning, around 6:30 am the cops attempted to enter again our front-house block. The so-called “Hausverwalter” Torsten Luschnat arrived at 7 am in order to enter the 4th floor flat in front house of 94. Of course, there is still no owner of the house known but the cops and their commanders in the senate decided to trust the new company, that pretends they are legally allowed to enter. Luschnat Immobilien did not even follow any legal frame and attacked the flat in order to evict it. The attack started from the construction team secured by the cops, by trying to smash through a bricked up door attempting to injure people who were behind it. The people behind the barricades showed an active defense and managed to ruin these plans. Therefore, it was impossible for the workers to enter. They and the cops went to the attic and smashed a hole into the ground ending up in the next door appartment. Unfortunately for them, also the tenant who lives there, managed to keep them out of the flat. Because of the escalation, the cops, afraid of leaving the legal frame, were not willed to continue and stopped the procedure. After those failed attempts of entering our flats, the cops stood in front of our door with the security team. At the same time, the construction team started throwing all the stuff from the ground floor flat, that had been evicted on friday, to the trash. The security team and the workers started to use the toilet and kitchen of the flat. Actually, as soon as they realized that there is a contract still existing, with a person present being able to show it, the doors of the apartment were closed. To demonstrate their power, the cops, from time to time, decided to prevent people who are not registered to come inside. In the afternoon the cops left their position in front of our house. Before the demo arrived, the securities also left being secure by cops. Hundreds of solidary people joined the demonstration and gathered in front of our house until late in the night.

Which is the state’s strategy behind this attack

We recognize that the states worldwide take an authoritarian position on struggles for a society based on solidarity and equality. But people revolt and defend themselves. If we look at self-organised spaces in Berlin, the state’s agenda is obvious: They want to get rid of us but fear our connection and common resistance. They try to establish more and more the strategy of long enduring cold evictions as they did in case of G17a, Teppichfabrik, Sabot Garden etc.. For Rigaer94 there is once again a long-term planned strategy as it was in 2016. Geisel now uses a similar tactic as Henkel did. It was part of their strategy, to, since January, place the BPE-unit in front of our door or Dorfplatz for months and control people who want to enter, leave or pass by the house. Even in times of corona these police measurments intensified.

This time, it had been the plan to use raids in order to evict people from their flats, get rid of our doors and gain control over the house. It is obvious, that the entire offense is connected to the attempt to evict our neighbours Liebig34. On the one hand it is possible that private securities, who said they will stay for the upcomming weeks, will show up again and stay at our entrance until the eviction of Liebig34. On the other hand it is not clear if and how cops will further restict us. There is the intention to immobilize people from the house as well as to prevent the house being a thorn in the enemy’s eye in the upcoming fight. It was a try to shock, weaken and isolate the movement who fights against the state and capital. They are fully aware of our close connection and solidary comradeship with Liebig 34. It as well happens in a time, when our connection with the neighborhood has been growing stronger and closer (except the one with the people longing for peace with this system in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, as Bambiland). Everyday we make our politics from below in the streets and position ourselves in order to reclaim spaces and build a rebellious neighborhood.

This attack from the state towards our ideas and our structures is definitely an attempt to gain more control over our house, neighbourhood and everyone who is a part of it and its struggles. The state knows the strength of our solidarity and our common fight against this murderous system.

A period of evictions has already started. It is not centered around one specific day X, it is now and will be tomorrow.

Let’s take back the houses to those who need them!

If there is an attack on one project, they attack us all!

Don’t forget the demonstration for threatened projects on the 1st of August at 8 pm (start at Herrfurthplatz) and the Spontis on every day X.

We call for decentralized actions, be creative in the streets and take care of each other.

Every state’s attack, every eviction has its answers!

With rage in our hearts, Rigaer 94.

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

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Source: Rigaer 94