The Hague: Housing Action Days, call for participation!

On Friday and Saturday 31st of July and 1st of August, Housing Action Days will take place in The Hague. The theme for Friday is social housing and precarious modes of housing, and the theme for Saturday is the selling out of the city and gentrification. During these two days we will make a collective fist against precarity and the housing shortage.

In the past couple of years the city has become the stage of a social struggle. Capital is increasingly controlling housing and public spaces. The city is transformed into a revenue model, a new apparatus for a select group to accumulate wealth. This has drastic consequences for many of us. De waiting lists for social housing are ever lengthening, rents are already way too expensive and the political unwillingness to take up these issues is stifling. In the inner city, one loft gets restored after another and only expensive private sector housing is built. Hip coffeehouses and their terraces are spreading like an oil spill. We don’t want a city merely for consumption but a city in which we can live!

Paired with the gentrification, the state’s net to control public spaces tightens. Concurrently to being forced to pay increasingly high rent for increasingly small spaces, we are being dispossessed of the streets: hanging out in the street is perceived as suspicious and will get you castigated for gathering. The only places where you can still gather in public are parks or sports field – but never without the supervision of cameras. Our living spaces are shrinking, we will no longer put up with this shit anymore!

For this reason, let us meet on 31st of July and 1st of August, to take action against the selling out of our cities and our lives. We invite everyone to come to The Hague, the belly of the beast, to struggle for the right to live and to the city!

Housing Action Days 2020
The Hague, Netherlands
woonopstanddenhaag [at] riseup [dot] net

Sleeping Places

During the action days we will facilitate sleeping places for people joining from outside The Hague or The Netherlands. Sleeping places will be available from the evening the evening of July 30th until the morning of the 2nd of August.
If you require sleeping places please send an email to woonopstanddenhaag [at] riseup [dot] net and add [Sleeping Places] in the email subject line.
Then proceed by reserving sleeping places for you or your affinity group with a name (you choose!) and by stating how many sleeping places you require.

Info point

During the action days there will be an info point in the city. At this info point you can get information about the action days as well as about the infrastructure. The info point will also manage a phone line. During the two days of action, the info point will report all the news to those who have registered with the info point. The info point can also redirect you to other locations such as sleeping places, food during the action days and where you can prepare a possible action with your affinity group.
The info point will also manage the communication with the press. The press releases and statements of actions during the action days will be forwarded to media outlets via the info point via a press list. Are you organizing an action yourself and do you want to send out a press release? Then simply send your press release to the info point!


The address, accessibility will be announced in the run-up to the action days.

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