Oulx (Italy): a new self-managed shelter is born

Today (December 9, 2018), the Oulx cantonal house (Casa Cantoniera Occupata) was opened, an empty building that has been unused for decades. From today it will be given new life. Against borders and the system that supports and determines them. Against the Salvini Decree and its policy of repression and war against the poor. For a world where everyone and everyone can choose where and how to live.

The situation at the border continues to worsen: the growing militarization, the winter has arrived. The increasingly strong system of control and management that is imposed on all those who, without the piece of paper considered “right”, continue to want to cross this line called the border. The self-managed Chez Jesus Refuge, the occupied space under the church of Claviere, was evicted almost two months ago. Since then, more and more people are getting lost and risking their lives or limbs in the mountains, without information or suitable clothing to face the journey. Without the space and time to get organized, rest, leave again. And under the constant watchful eye of the various police forces that try to prevent contact between those on the road and those in solidarity. This place also wants to be this. A self-managed refuge for those who are passing through, and need more time to organize themselves than the night hours offered by the Salesians. A place to organize against the borders on these mountains as well as against the borders in the city, and the system related to them.

The Salvini Decree is a declaration of war against the poor. Immigrants, increasingly threatened with blackmail and exploitation, under the constant threat of documents, CPR, or deportations. To all those who somehow try to oppose the system of selection, control and exclusion that exists in this society. To undesirables in general, who are thrown out of city centers, increasingly repressed, controlled, blackmailed.

Let us organize ourselves. In this darker and darker age, where street raids, prisons for the undocumented, deportations, boats blocked at sea are the norm, where agreements with Libyan prisons and the various border police are paid with billions, where those who have the documents take the TGV from Oulx who do not have them risk dying on the snowy paths, indifference really kills.

Here any help is welcome. We need various materials, mattresses, blankets, warm clothes. Winter shoes, socks, gloves, hats. Stoves, wood, carpets, food. Want to get organized together so that this border, like the others, no longer exists. From 3 p.m. this afternoon we invite everyone to a snack with music. Anyone who wants to pass before or in the following days for work is welcome.

Casa Cantoniera Occupata
Via Monginevro 96, SS24
Oulx, Susa Valley, Italy

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