Frankfurt (Germany): Arson attacks against squats and self-organized spaces

Since September, five arson against squats and other self-organized spaces have taken place in the region Frankfurt. On 15th September, the first attack took place in Schwalbach, a village just on the outskirts of Frankfurt. A barn at the self-organized project “Knotenpunkt” was set on fire and the fire spread to other buildings including one people living in. It became uninhabitable as a result of the fire and the subsequent firefighting, luckily no one got injured. Property damage is estimated at more than 200,000 Euros. On 13th and 15th November, three arson attacks against squats in Frankfurt (“Au” and “Assenland”) took place, but in every case the fire were the fire was noticed quickly and the comrades were able to extinguish the fire directly. On December 3rd, a shed in the project “Schwarze 7” in Hanau – small city 30km from Frankfurt – was burned down as well.

In a press release, “Au”, “Assenland” and “Knotenpunkt” point out that so far there is no letter of confession, but the various arsons in their execution are similar, at about the same time took place and specifically directed against self-organized projects and structures. This happens in a social atmosphere which is characterized by instigation against left structures and ideas which we experience at least since G20 summit in Hamburg and an increasing interaction between “moderate” rightwing politicians and the fascist mob.

Solidarity to the self-organized structures in Frankfurt!
Fight back!