Amsterdam: Entrepotdok lost important courtcase

On september 28th The court in Amsterdam decided in the courtcase wich was startet to get permission for demolition of parts of the building. The courtcase was started by Aquartis bv. who wants to turn the building into so-called loft appartments.

Although the building is a protected monument the company got permission to tear one third of the building down. The judge did not listen to the several complaints made by the squatters. The city has to give Aquartis bv. within 2 weeks a building permission. The Entepotdok, a squat where 20 people live and work is now under direct threat of an eviction. [Read More]

Nottingham: Estate agency for squatters opens for business

Big Issue, August 1999 nr. 346.

*Housing By Max Daly


An estate agency for squatters has been launched as part of a summer action across the coountry to highlight the near 1 million empty homes left to rot without tenants. The squatters’ Estate Agency, which opened its doors to prospective clients last week, expects to have around 30 empty flats and buildings on its list within a month. [Read More]

Squat-action in Oslo

More information in Norwegian:

Selmer A.S. owns the area around Hausmannsgate 28-42, Vestre Elvebakke 10-14 and Brenneriveien 1. They made a plan to build a parkinggarage, officespace and a road in this area in 1984. Up until now this plan is not executed. People in need for housing squatted the place at 4.9.99. Oslo has got a shortage of housing because of bad housingpolitics. [Read More]

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