Squat-action in Oslo

More information in Norwegian:

Selmer A.S. owns the area around Hausmannsgate 28-42, Vestre Elvebakke 10-14 and Brenneriveien 1. They made a plan to build a parkinggarage, officespace and a road in this area in 1984. Up until now this plan is not executed. People in need for housing squatted the place at 4.9.99. Oslo has got a shortage of housing because of bad housingpolitics.

The housing actiongroup ‘Boligaksjonen 2000’ demands that the council will take their responsibility given by the national government to do something about the situation. They also demand that the plans will be abolished and the buildings would be used as tenements. they also ask other people to use squatting as a mean to fight for more houses in Oslo.


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